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THEIA are a three-piece from Burton-upon-Trent, comprising of vocalist/guitarist Kyle Lamley, bassist Paul Edwards and drummer Jake Dalton.

In the last couple of years, the band have made an impact both locally and nationally with a sound they describe as: “high octane, fully loaded, riff-driven Rock n’ Roll“.

Having recently released their second album, which has so far received universal praise, and about to embark on a UK tour, the future is looking bright for the hard rock trio.

Here’s what they had to say when we spoke before their headline set at the Uttoxeter Rocks festival.

How did the band first form?

KYLE LAMLEY (vocals/guitar): We formed about ten years ago. Myself and Paul used to do amateur dramatics and musical theatre together. We were doing a production of ‘Footloose’ at the time, kind of rock n’ roll, not quite your normal rock star vibes, then we started bedroom jamming, as it were, didn’t we?

PAUL EDWARDS (bass): Yeah, I lied to Kyle saying that I could play bass. I turned up for practice, played bass, and that was it.

KYLE: And we’ve stuck together ever since. Jake joined us about a year ago and he has solidified the line-up at last. It’s feeling good now.

How did you come up with the name THEIA?

KYLE: There’s a few different meanings behind it. The one we’ve most gone with is the asteroid that was part of the Big Bang. It created the Moon, but we’ve kind of gone along with the theory that it created some life, so you know, it’s about rock that’s larger than life.

What would you say was your approach to songwriting?

PAUL: You normally sit in your bedroom, don’t you Kyle?

KYLE: Yeah.

PAUL: He writes as much as we can, brings it to the table, we sort of put it into practice, and then we see where we go.

KYLE: It doesn’t have to be the bedroom. It can be in any room that has a guitar in. (laughs) Once the songs come together, they take on a new life, especially when you perform them live.

You think you’ve got a song cracked, but once you start to play it live, it evolves, and before you hit the studio, we have found that the songs need to grow naturally.

What serves as inspiration behind the band’s lyrics?

KYLE: Everything, really, there’s so many. War, politics, there’s a bit of romance in there. We’ve got a couple of songs that are about our home town Burton-upon-Trent, so when it comes to writing a lyric, it’s more a case of: “Okay, how am I feeling right now? What’s in my head?” That way, the lyrics seem to come more naturally to us.

Your second album, ‘Back In Line’, came out in June. How well do you think it’s been received so far?

PAUL: It’s gone pretty well. There’s been plenty of good reviews so far. It also seems to have gone down well when we’ve performed the tracks off of it live, it has gotten a lot of people excited, and it’s kept up the interest that we got from the first album.

KYLE: I suppose you could call it critically acclaimed. Like Paul’s just said, it’s had a lot of good reviews. Our German and Austrian fans have picked up on it, and we’ve also had interest from people from as far afield as Texas and Australia, so in comparison to our debut album, it seems to have snowballed and it’s really good to see.

The band are going to be on tour over the next couple of months, and playing a few festivals as well. How is the experience for you all playing live and touring?

KYLE: It’s unparalleled, however long you are on stage for, whether it’s half an hour or two hours. 10% of being in a band are all about those moments spent actually being on stage, so when you’re on tour and have a string of dates coming up, it’s like a continuous party.

It’s a good feeling that we’ll be able to take the Anonymous boys out on our forthcoming tour. It’s going to be fantastic.

Where will you be playing?

KYLE: All over the place. We’re going to be playing The Black Heart in Camden, that’s going to be a heck of an experience for us. The strength of the rock community down there, it’s something you can’t really put words to, it always astounds us. It will be the second or third time we’ve played in Camden, and every time we’ve played there so far, it’s been great.

What are the band’s plans once the tour has been completed?

KYLE: At the moment, we plan to head back into the studio around winter time. We did that with ‘Back In Line’, and then come spring next year and festival season is upon us again, we’ll be ready to play.

It would be great to take some new ideas that we have and get another album or EP out of them. Whatever happens, I think the studio time will be really important, definitely.

What is the band’s long-term aim?

PAUL: We’ve got a few aims. It would be amazing if we could get to do a large tour. That would be a big step up for us, definitely. We’re all dreamers, aren’t we?

KYLE: Yeah. Long-term exposure, you know, bands like Thunder and other British bands who have been going for many years, their fan base has just grown and they are very loyal.

We’ve sort of started to realise that we are building up a fan base, it’s sort of happened right under our noses. We’ve looked up and realised that people from all over the place actually like what we do, so it’s a really nice feeling to have that.

Anything else any of you would like to say at all?

KYLE: Yeah, thank you to everyone and their support for us so far. We really appreciate it.





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