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THE RAINBAND – ‘The Shape of Things To Come’

(Strawberry Moon Records)

The Rainband Album Cover


In 2016, Manchester indie-rock quintet The Rainband burst onto the scene with their impressive debut album, ‘Satellite Sunrise’, which was a moody, very much blues-led affair.

Two years on, the band have returned with a follow-up, entitled ‘The Shape of Things To Come’.

While the formula of engaging guitar riffs, anthemic choruses, ambitious melodies and powerful vocals that served the immensely-talented outfit so well with their first offering still play a major part in the make-up of the sound, they have used this new release as an opportunity in which to broaden their musical scope.

Some of the tracks, for example ‘New York’ and ‘Is This What You Get?’, have a noticeably brighter and more optimistic feel to them, really capturing the essence of the energetic live performances that they have become known for in the last couple of years.

Lyrically, the five-piece focus on what they describe as “the four L’s” – life, loss, love and laughter.

The Mancunian collective have always taken pride in putting out a highly-polished piece, but they take the production values to a whole new level here.

Some bands, in regards to their albums, will put most of their creative energies into the first three or four songs, and then pad the rest out with generic-sounding songs, but that’s certainly not the way The Rainband work.

It is obvious that they have agonised over giving every single second of each track much due care and attention, which is how it should be.

‘The Shape of Things To Come’ is an entertaining listen, so much so that when you reach the end of the final song, you find yourself immediately wanting to go straight back to the beginning, and relive the experience all over again.

It is easy, by listening to the album, to understand why quite a few famous names in the music world, as well as a lot of the music press, are tipping these guys for greatness, and this should be the release that finally launches them into the indie-rock stratosphere.

If you can only listen to one album, in full, in 2018, make it this.

TOP TRACK: ‘Gimme Love’







The Rainband band photo

THE RAINBAND (from l-r): Sam Wilson (bass), Phil Rainey (guitar), Martin Finnigan (vocals), Joe Wilson (guitar), James Cowell (drums)


Since forming back in 2011, Manchester five-piece The Rainband have firmly established themselves on the British indie scene with a highly-polished sound full of powerful rhythms and epic melodies.

This, along with energetic live performances that are simply unmissable, has generated wide acclaim from fans, critics, and such well-known bands and artists as Liam Gallagher, Paolo Nutini and Simple Minds, which led to them supporting the latter two on tour, as well as sets at the Glastonbury and Isle of Wight festivals.

Ending their current UK and European tour, in support of their already well-received recent album, ‘The Shape of Things to Come’, this evening with a sell-out homecoming gig at the Deaf Institute, the band’s frontman, Martin Finnigan, spoke to me about the incredible journey they have been on so far.

How did the band get together?

Myself and Phil had known each other for a few years, and had always talked music.

I knew him as “The Rain Man” (not because of his likeness to Dustin Hoffman, but as a nickname…) We jammed some Doves and Stones one Monday night, and The Rain Man became The Rainband.

Were there any other reasons as to how the name The Rainband came about?

People in Europe always seem to think it’s because of Manchester weather.

I met Marc Riley (BBC Radio 6 Music DJ) two years ago, and after 20 minutes of conversation, he confessed that he had never listened to anything by us that we had sent as he thought we must have been “Oasis wannabes” (Their former name was The Rain.)

What would you say was your songwriting approach?

I write the words and vocal melodies, the band bring the fire of the music. We all get in on the harmonies.

What inspires the band lyrically?

Life, loss, love, laughter – It’s all about the “L’s

Last month, you brought out your second album, ‘The Shape of Things to Come’. How was the recording process for that?

It felt special from the off. We’d had lead track ‘Gimme Love’ since the previous tour.

When we played King Tut’s in Glasgow on that tour, nobody had ever heard that song. Halfway through, I offered the crowd to sing the chorus back, and they took the roof off…

After the gig, Paolo Nutini said, “You have something right there. If that’s not the single, then you’ve got yer head in a bin“…

So that was the start!!!

And how has the reaction been to the album up to now?

Across the UK and Europe, it’s been something else. So many people have been getting hooked in on so many different songs on the album, sending so many messages. It makes that time where you are cut off in recording it worthwhile. There can be dark days, though, where you second guess yourself again and again.

You’ve supported the likes of Paolo Nutini, the Kaiser Chiefs, and Simple Minds, as well as playing at the Glastonbury and Isle of Wight festivals. How were they as experiences for you all?

Glastonbury was headlined by the Stones, and at IOW, we were on the main stage, where five bands later, Fleetwood Mac played.

There was a drunken conversation between all of the band, saying, “That’s it…How can we top this?…Shall we end it here?…“. The next day, everyone got up, went home, and 24 hours later, we’d written ‘Gimme Love’…

No-one’s mentioned that conversation since! (laughs)

And in regards to supporting Simple Minds, their frontman Jim Kerr contacted the band himself to ask if you wanted to support them on their tour. That must have been rather surreal.

We were on the same radio show, where they had done a pre-record, and they listened in and heard the track. I got the phone call the producer of the show passed my number on.

Jim called, and asked us to open their Delamere Forest gig. I’ve got a mate who is unbelievable at impressions, and when the voice initially said, “Hi Martin, it’s Jim Kerr“, I was halfway to saying, “Yeah, fucking right it is…“, but for once, I remained quiet…I’m pretty glad I heard him out.

That turned out to be one of my favourite gigs ever, and from there, they asked us to tour Italy with them…Now, that was truly special.

The band has been endorsed by Kerr, Nutini, Liam Gallagher, as well as a lot of the music press. I can imagine you’ve found all of that rather flattering.

We played the opening of Liam’s Pretty Green store in Covent Garden, and I’d met him a couple of times before, and many times since. I am made up for him what he is doing now. It’s him on his own, two feet in with his name above the door. No walking in a musical shadow…his sound is his, and hats off to him for that.

Paolo, I am lucky enough to call a friend. As you say, we are lucky in the sense that we’ve played with a lot of really talented musicians, but his talent, for me, is a “God-given” one. I could never imagine him as doing anything else.

Watching him play night after night on tour, he had the ability that I could only describe as like “calling down from the skies” at certain points when he sings, like no other singer I’ve seen.

Beyond that, his intuition musically, for me, is second to none. He knows who he is, and never sails close to compromise. I remember he told me, despite the pressure to release an album, the mantra has to be, and always is, “It’s ready when it’s ready“. Never a truer word.

Watching Simple Minds each night we toured with them fast-tracked me to understand so many things quickly. Jim and Charlie Burchill are a dynamic duo, and the band are a true force.

All in all, yes, it has been rather flattering to hear their words about what we do. It’s something I count “up there” for so many reasons, and it gives you confidence that you’re finding “your path“.

Now the album has come out, what are the band’s plans for the near future?

Tour, festivals, have the time of your life, make memories….and repeat.

You’ve already achieved a great deal, so what would you all like to tick off the bucket list next?

There was never a plan, as such, up to here, so in the most beautiful sense, I’m not going to start now. I’m going to keep living in the present, as I think these days, that’s the hardest thing to do, but it’s the best thing we can all try and do.

What advice would you give to any aspiring bands/artists out there?

Don’t chase today’s fad or genre. Guitar bands will always be told that synth-based pop is where it’s at, and vice versa, so find your sound and have fun with that, as it’s those smiles that will remind you why you got into this business in the first place, and it’s where you go to when you get given hollow promises or take a knock.

Lastly, music is not a formula. Painting by numbers will never paint a masterpiece. Find your sound and grow with it.
The Rainband Album Cover



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