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The Parallax Method band photo

THE PARALLAX METHOD (from l-r): Dave Wright (drums), Ben Edis (bass), Danny Beardsley (guitar)


With an entirely instrumental sound that is predominantly progressive rock but is also drawn from their impressive range of musical knowledge, Nottingham three-piece The Parallax Method have achieved much since forming three years ago.

The band have steadily been building up a devoted following through two highly-acclaimed EPs, exposure from such renowned music media outlets as Kerrang!, Metal Hammer, and Classic Rock, as well as supporting live the likes of Carcer City and Kyros.

All of this isn’t bad for a bunch of guys who never meant for The Parallax Method to progress beyond a few jamming sessions.

With an eagerly-anticipated video for ‘You’ve Got To Be Squiddin’ Me’, taken from last year’s well-received second EP, ‘The Squid’, being unveiled early this September, the trio’s guitarist, Danny Beardsley, spoke to me about that, as well as what has been a successful last couple of years for him and his band mates.

How did the band form?

Dave and I were originally in a band called Isolysis together, but when that finished, we went our separate ways for a while.

We then met back up again and we’d decided to just get together with our original bassist and jam the kind of music we love, which it literally was to start with, as we never intended for it to even leave the rehearsal rooms.

How did the name The Parallax Method come about?

Our manager’s sister is a rocket scientist – that’s a true story – and she helped us.

You’re an entirely instrumental outfit. What was the main reason for going down that route?

Singers are way too much trouble! (laughs) No, seriously, as I’ve said, it was never intended to be a “band“, it was just going to be three mates jamming, so by the time the music had evolved to the point where we thought there might be more to it, it just didn’t seem like the right move to add vocals.

So far, the band have released two EPs, both to much praise, most notably from magazines such as Prog and Classic Rock. Was that something that had been expected, especially whilst recording debut EP, ‘The Owl’?

Nope, definitely not. It was always about what we loved playing first and foremost. If people got it and liked it, then cool, but it was never a consideration, as it was always more personal than that.

The fact that we got some great reviews and, more importantly, awesome feedback from people who saw a show or bought the EP was truly humbling. We’re obviously chuffed to bits that it has been so well-received.

This September, you will be unveiling a new single, entitled ‘You Gotta Be Squiddin’ Me!’ How has the recording process been for that?

The single is from our last EP, ‘The Squid’, and we will be releasing the video for that in September. It is truly ridiculous, and the acting is shockingly bad.

Last year, you played at the Macmillan Fest in Nottingham and the Camden Rocks Prog all-dayer, and you have also supported the likes of Carcer City and Kyros. How were they all as experiences?

We’ve been really lucky to have had some truly cool shows so far. We actually went on tour with Kyros….from Southampton to Glasgow, so we saw a lot of motorway!

They’re a great bunch of guys, and we had a right laugh together.

And how is it overall, for the band, performing live?

We all love playing live. We’ve spent years and years playing all kinds of gigs and festivals with previous bands and between us we’ve had some exceptionally cool experiences.

We never tire of playing live as Parallax. We push each other creatively, and inspire each other to push the boundaries and become better musicians, as we are all on the same page, and I think that comes through in our music and our live performance.

Single aside, what else is lined up over the next couple of months?

We are currently writing our debut album which we will be recording and mixing ourselves. It will be a relatively long process, as we want to get it just right, but so far, it has been coming along nicely.

I am also releasing a solo album later this year, which both Dave and Ben have played on, and Dave is producing with me, and also, we have another project in the works, so there’s plenty to getting on with.

And finally, what is the band’s long-term aim?

We’d love to just get our music out there to more people, play with some more cool bands, and maybe book a bucket list festival here and there. We’re just planning to keep writing as long as we still love it and see where it takes us.

As I said earlier, we never expected it to come this far, so we’re happy to go with the flow for now.