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Seasonal are a four-piece from Surrey, comprising of vocalist/bassist Matt Truseler, guitarists Alex Coombes and Max O’Neill, and drummer Alex Tickner.

Having formed early last year, the band have spent that time honing their sound, primarily pop-rock with elements of pop-punk, emo, pop and hard rock thrown in, the results of which can be heard in their recently released debut EP ‘Bloom’.

With this currently getting positive reviews and having recently supported Canadian emo/pop-punk quintet Seaway in London, there are very little reasons for the Guildford quartet not to be optimistic about their future.

Here’s what they had to say when I spoke to them:

How did the band first get together?

Three of us (Matt, Tickner and Max) were playing in bands together previously and we always jammed and wrote music regardless of band or no band. Max played Alex a demo that we had recorded, and pretty much the next week we started jamming and writing as a four-piece. This was around February/March last year.

How did you come up with the name Seasonal?

The name really just came from the change in the way we were approaching the project, like a change in the seasons. We just decided what we wanted to do.

Which other bands/artists do you take inspiration from?

We’re influenced by a lot of older bands like Jimmy Eat World, Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. We’re also really into more current bands like Transit, A Will Away and Have Mercy, to name a few.

What is the band’s approach to songwriting?

We practice as a full band every week and usually we will start jamming around with some ideas there. We then take this over to Matt’s house and demo the ideas in Logic so we can chop and change and play with them a bit.

After a few weeks, we’ll have several versions of the same track but we’ll have settled on the final one. Matt will usually come to practice with a vocal hook and decide the idea of the song and that’s that. I guess we take quite a logical approach!

You recently released ‘Bloom’, your debut EP. How was the recording process?

We loved recording ‘Bloom’. It was a lot of fun. We had some good times down in Folkestone at Hidden Track Studios with Oz. We did the whole thing over two long weekends, so it was broken up a bit which I think definitely helps with the cabin fever that usually ensues in a studio!

How well do you think it has gone down with critics, fans, etc?

We’ve had some really positive feedback across the board for the record so far. Dare I say no-one has said they dislike it yet! We’ve been really pleased with all of the comments, especially with it being our debut.

How is the band’s experience playing live?

A lot of fun! Our songs vary in ‘pace’ from each other so there’s highs and lows but we have loved all the shows we’ve played. We are really looking to develop our live profile currently, so keep an eye on our social media if you like what you hear, as we may be coming to a town near you later this year.

Now you have released your debut EP, what have you got lined up for the near future?

We’ve got a few one-off shows which you can find on our socials, and we are currently booking a weekender for the summer and further shows and possible tour later in the year. We’ve also just released a new video, so keep an eye out for that!

What is the long-term aim for the band? Where do you see yourselves in the next couple of years?

I don’t think we had a long-term aspiration for this band when we started really. We just enjoy writing, recording and playing live music, so we really just want to continue doing that for as long as possible. We all have those bucket list venues we would like to play, so fingers crossed for the future!












SEASONAL – ‘Bloom’ (3/5)


Seasonal Cover


‘Bloom’ is the debut EP from Surrey pop-rock quartet Seasonal.

Prior to this new release, the emerging outfit had given everyone a taster of what to expect with the unveiling of opening track ‘Certainty’, which impressed many with its heartfelt sound and frank lyrics dealing with past experiences, and it is these, as well as the raw and emotional vocal delivery of frontman Matt Truseler, that form the key elements providing the foundations on which the band build upon throughout the five tracks.

However, they make sure that no song sounds exactly the same, as each track does have something different about it, whether it’s the fun, upbeat ‘Headphones’, heavy, technical ‘These Games’, energetic ‘Ranger’, or gentle, melodic closer ‘Homeward’.

The versatile mix of music shows that, even at such an early stage of their existence, the four-piece have little interest in putting together a basic, generic offering and instead have decided to use it as an opportunity to show off just how diverse they can be in the ways that the instruments they play are utilised.

In conclusion, ‘Bloom’ isn’t the greatest debut ever, but crucially for Seasonal’s future as a band, it is a solid collection of tracks which I’m sure will be improved on with their next release.

TOP TRACK: ‘Certainty’















Seasonal band photo

Surrey pop-rock newcomers Seasonal are pleased to announce their debut five-track EP ‘Bloom’, set for self-release this Friday. With the title chosen to represent the new beginning for the quartet, vocalist/bassist Matt Truseler gives an insight into it’s content: “Lyrically, we take a very honest approach. The songs on this EP are all about personal experiences from our lives and feelings. We wanted to avoid having songs with generic lyrics that although anyone could relate to, do not have a personal connection to us: a balance between, what is relatable for the listener, without losing the meaning of each track for us.”

The band are now streaming lead single ‘Certainty’, with Truseler saying: “The song is about the balance in a relationship where compromise may no longer be an option, but you keep going back for more; the realisation that it isn’t really working and having to be the person to bring up the flaws and break it off. It’s a track that shows a lot of the dynamic in our sound, and the first on the EP, so works well as a stepping off point.”

With a line-up completed by guitarists Max O’Neill and Alex Coombes and drummer Alex Tickner, Seasonal formed as a trio last year, later recruiting Alex on the strength of demos. With the line-up complete, they pushed on with writing more material, but agreed that “something was not quite selling us“.
Continuing to experiment, a change of tuning and the writing of debut track ‘Sevens’
made for a winning combo and from this process, their moniker was plucked:
The name of the band really just came from the change in the attitude and way we approached the project, like a change in the seasons,” summaries Truseler.
Once happy with their repertoire, nine months had passed and the band headed into the studio with the intention of recording just one track with Oz Craggs at Hidden Track in Folkestone. However, upon hearing the first mix, they were inspired to dive in, going on to lay down all of the tracks that became ‘Bloom’. “Oz is really easy to work with and was completely on the same page about how we wanted to sound and the effort he puts in to making that happen is awesome. We really took our time writing this record and we couldn’t be happier with how it came out“, the band enthuse.
The result is an emotionally weathered offering of heartfelt pop rock, reminiscent of Jimmy Eat World, Deaf Havana and Taking Back Sunday. Noting influences from both the ‘old’ and the ‘new’, they feel the acts they adore have shaped their sound, but that they offer something different: “Surrey has a really diverse scene with some amazingly talented bands of many different genres. But we don’t feel that many bands around here, or the UK, are doing the same thing as us at the moment; whether they are a bit more low-fi or balls out pop punk. We think our sound can appeal to fans of many different genres, but we are definitely within a scene still, just looking to bring something a bit different.”
Now with their first show under their belts, a date supporting Seaway in London,
the band are looking to blossom on the road: “It was a great reintroduction to playing live music for all of us, and definitely lit a fire. We are looking forward to getting out and playing these songs to as many people as possible.”
Seasonal Cover
YOU CAN STREAM THE LEAD SINGLE ‘CERTAINTY’ NOW AT https://soundcloud.com/user-308753604/certainty-1