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REAWAKEN – ‘monochrome’

Reawaken EP Cover


Reawaken are a Southampton-based, five-piece alternative rock band made up of Meg Parkinson on lead vocals, Matt Gregory on guitar, Nathan Page on guitar/backing Vocals, Joe Fraser on bass, and Gill Lancashire on Drums.

They take influence from the likes of Halestorm, Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry,  and Stone Broken, and today, I’ll be reviewing their debut EP, ‘monochrome’.

‘Don’t Run’ opens with blaring guitars and some hefty drums, supported by some amazing vocals from Meg Parkinson, honestly, less than a minute in and I’m rapt. This song is engaging and powerful, and as the first song I’ve heard from them, it does the job of converting me into a fan.

I mentioned it before, but seriously, the vocals in this track are something else, and all propped up by some top-notch playing from everyone in the band, it’s truly a streamlined track that shows off the best of Reawaken.

‘Black Tears’ has a much softer intro, and after the explosive opener, it’s a nice change, but while slower and softer, this track is just as powerful, resonate and emotional. This gives Parkinson a chance to show off another side of her voice, and she really knocks it out of the park with this track, and I really can’t wait to hear more from this band.

‘C.R.A.W.L’ changes the game again, with bouncing, shredding guitars that are just a treat to listen to, light percussion layered on top, with both of them giving way to Parkinson’s vocals, and then the band build on top of them again.

This track really demonstrates the co-operation between the various elements of the band, and their skills, because each element is impressive on its own, but when they come together, they produce something better.

‘I’m Gone’ is the final track on the EP, and it slows things down again, the soft melody of Parkinson’s voice really gets you in this track, especially when backed up perfectly by a soft, acoustic guitar.

As well as being a fiercely emotive track, this one also has a really nice beat to it, it claws its way into you head and doesn’t give up its spot easily, it is truly a spectacular end of what is a very strong EP.

TOP TRACK: ‘Black Tears’







Reawaken band photo

REAWAKEN (from l-r): Matt Gregory (rhythm guitar), Nathan Page (lead guitar), Meg Parkinson (vocals), Gill Lancashire (drums), Joe Fraser (bass)


From Southampton, Reawaken are an emerging five-piece who specialise in a heavy, energetic, but haunting alternative rock sound, influenced by such outfits as Halestorm, Stone Broken, Black Stone Cherry, and Alter Bridge.

Since forming towards the end of 2016, the band have impressed crowds all over the south-east of England with a captivating stage presence that really captures the essence of their music.

However, the quintet now plan to branch out across the rest of the UK, and eventually Europe, with the next steps being a few more live dates, and the release of their debut EP, ‘monochrome’, this October.

The outfit spoke to me recently about how their upcoming offering was put together, what can be expected from it, and much more.

How did the band form?

Meg joined the band in November 2016, after we curved away from our old sound and started going along the winding road of alternative rock.

How did the name Reawaken come about?

The name was one of many that we had in a list that we’d made when we heard a word or saying that we liked. We started narrowing down the list until we were happy with a name.

Some of the other names now, looking back, were quite funny…Hyperdark, Silvera, and Stricken, which just reminded Meg of chicken.

What would you say was your songwriting approach?

Someone will come to practice with a riff or a song that they have come up with. We then jam it to see what can do with it. We like to go off the vibe of things, and normally, that’s how our songs are written.

What inspires the band lyrically?

A lot of our songs are lyrically about relationships and stories around them.

However, if there is a topic someone wants the song to be about, Meg will write about that with ease.

Recently, you brought out a new single, ‘Don’t Run’. How has the reaction been to that so far?

The reaction has been incredible, everyone loves the sound and the direction that the band is heading in. It has been great to see friends from different musical backgrounds like the single, which wouldn’t usually be normal for them to listen to.

Also, the fans who have seen the track live enjoy being able to become more familiar with it whenever they want to.

And the track was taken from what will be the band’s debut EP, ‘monochrome’, coming out this October. How has the recording process been for that?

The process was long, as we all just wanted to get the music out as much as possible, but we put in a lot of hard work.

When recording, each person had their own rituals, for example, Meg needed the recording booth to be as hot as possible, to the point that it felt like a sauna.

What can be expected from the release?

People can expect a four-track EP, with each song having its own unique vibe. Where we have only had one song released, ‘Don’t Run’, listeners will now be able to hear the Reawaken sound.

Fans will also be able to come to a release show at the Joiners in Southampton on the 21st September, where they can pick up a physical copy of the EP.

The band are becoming known for having a captivating stage presence. How is it, for you all, performing live?

Hairy, very hairy! Three out of the five members have insanely long hair, so it can get very hot!

To be honest, it’s not really something that we think about when we move about on stage, as we are genuinely just moving to the feeling.

And over the last couple of months, you have supported the likes of Courage, My Love, Eva Plays Dead, and Black Orchid Empire. How were they as experiences?

They were rad! Each band brought such a different experience to the table for the crowd, and it’s always really inspiring to see other bands communicate with the audience.

It also helps that they are all incredibly lovely people, and really fun to work with.

What has the band got planned between now and when the EP comes out?

In amongst lots of admin prior to the launch show, we will have a video coming out at the end of August/start of September, and five gigs, four of them in new venues:

AUGUST 10 – Percy’s Cafe Bar, Whitchurch, AUGUST 11 – Cotswold Inn, Cheltenham, AUGUST 31 – The Unicorn, Camden SEPTEMBER 14 – The Irish Centre, Basingstoke, SEPTEMBER 21 – The Joiners, Southampton

And finally, what is your long-term aim?

Our long-term aim is to continue writing songs that we love to perform, because there is no point playing music you don’t enjoy.

Another is to travel further afield for gigs, and hopefully do some tours, so we can push our sound as far out as possible.

We’d also love to play more festivals, as it’s one of our favourite things to do, while meeting new people and discovering new places.

Reawaken EP Cover