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MEGADETH – ‘Dystopia’ (4/5)



Megadeth Cover

‘Dystopia’, the fifteenth studio album from thrash metal legends Megadeth, comes at a critical time for them.

Their last offering, 2013’s ‘Super Collider’, with its more commercially-led sound, resulted in a mixed reaction from both critics and fans.

Since then, the band have had a few setbacks, the biggest being the departures of Chris Broderick and Shawn Drover.

There had been rumours that Marty Friedman and Nick Menza were about to re-join in a reunion of the classic line-up, but that didn’t happen, and instead in came Lamb of God’s Chris Adler and Kiko Loureiro from Angra.

All of the above have probably been factors in Dave Mustaine and Dave Ellefson deciding to return to a heavier sound.

The majority of the album is pure, classic Megadeth, anthemic choruses and lengthy, thrashy guitar solos coupled with politically charged lyrics offering a social commentary on the world today, the most notable examples being the title track and ‘Post American World’.

Loureiro and Adler, despite being the newcomers, slot comfortably in, listening to Adler’s drumming and Loureiro’s riffs, it feels like they have always been a part of the band, adding weight to Mustaine’s statement that Loureiro is, for him, the best guitarist Megadeth has had since Friedman.

While it may not quite reach the creative heights of their 1990 album ‘Rust in Peace’, it is a welcome return to form for the band and should go down well with their hardcore support.

TOP TRACK: ‘Post American World’