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Maypine band photo

MAYPINE (from l-r): Dan Jarvis (guitar), Jason ‘Jase’ Payne (vocals), Tommy Roberts (bass), Becky East (guitar), James Holdsworth (drums)


Despite having only formed just over a year ago, Brighton quintet MAYPINE have made rapid progress to become one of the most exciting emerging bands on the British pop-punk scene.

They have already built a strong reputation with their sound, which sees them put their own spin on the pop-punk genre and is influenced by a range of both heavy and melodic outfits.

This, as well as their high energy live shows, has won them a following that will surely grow as they ascend further.

With a busy summer ahead, which will see the five-piece release their debut EP and embark on a nationwide tour, they recently spoke to me about what has been an incredible twelve months for them.

How did MAYPINE start out?

JASON ‘JASE’ PAYNE (vocals): My last band had broken up and I’d kinda given up on making music or being in a band. I thought that for the first time in ages, I’d just have a go at making music for myself, stuff that I enjoyed and wanted to make. I’d always loved pop-punk, but had never considered myself good enough to make music like it. I decided to challenge myself and make some demos and then, out of the blue, Dan messaged me…

DAN JARVIS (guitar): My old band had ended a little while before and I wanted to be in a new band. I knew Jase from our local scene and messaged him about jamming. He showed me the demos and I loved them. We met up and wrote a song together in our first session. Then he went to Florida for like three weeks and left me hanging…. but yeah, it all worked out well and here we are!

How did the band name come about?

BECKY EAST (guitar): My girlfriend and I were putting different words we liked together – once we found MAYPINE, we ran it past the guys and they liked it!

To anybody who is reading this, but have yet to listen to your music, how would you describe it to them?

BECKY: I’d describe it as fun and upbeat, it makes you want to tap your feet and air drum!

JASE: Fun, melodic and energetic!

TOMMY ROBERTS (bass): A middle ground between pop-punk and alt-rock. Basically, it’s pop-punk minus the generic thrasher element.

DAN: Unique. I don’t think anyone really sounds like us at the moment. Our influences are obvious but I think our sound is different!

And what are the band’s main influences?

JASE: It sounds cliché, but we all have different influences. I like pop-punk, but I also like metal! Architects are a massive influence on me.

DAN: I’m a massive Blink-182 fan and I’d say that comes across in our music.

TOMMY: Always the Red Hot Chilli Peppers for me. I’m currently trying to convince the guys to let me record the next record solely in slap. So far, I think it’s a resounding “no“.

BECKY: I have loads! However, in terms of guitar and writing lead parts, Lower Than Atlantis and Paramore are big influences.

JAMES HOLDSWORTH (drums): For me, I’d say Green Day, Biffy Clyro and Avenged Sevenfold. They were definitely my main three influences growing up, and the drummers that have influenced me a lot recently are Dani from Neck Deep and Eddy Thrower from LTA.

Both manage to come up with so many interesting parts that are so fun to play whilst still serving the song so well. That’s what I try to do anyway (laughs). Whether I do or not, that’s up to the audience. They should buy the EP and let me know.

How would you typically put the majority of your tracks together?

JASE: Dan and I tend to do most of the writing together. I’ll go away and make demos based on stuff we’ve come up with. We’ll then jam out the songs as a band until we’ve got something we’re all happy with!

DAN: I start with a melody and lyrics personally, then we work together on the songs.

The band have recently completed their debut EP, which will be released in August. How was the experience of recording it?

JASE: I think we all really enjoyed working with Ian Sadler, who has worked with bands such as ROAM and Homebound. He really brought the best out of all of us! We also ate a bucketload of hummus!

BECKY: We had an amazing time at Emeline Studios in Kent with Ian, he’s great to work with. We also became closer as a band and I felt like I became a better guitarist whilst recording there.

TOMMY: Recording with Ian was a delight. He was so chilled and down to earth. He seemed to know the exact sound we were going for before we even stepped in the studio! He also taught me that hummus goes well with everything!

DAN: I enjoyed it, but I got a bit of cabin fever being cooped up in the control room for nine days…

What can be expected of the EP when it’s released?

JASE: I like to think that they can expect a fun experience. We all worked really hard on these songs, both from a songwriting and performance perspective, and I think as Becky alluded to earlier, the songs are fun and upbeat and hopefully people will enjoy listening to them.

You’re also going on tour this summer. How, for all of you, is it doing that and playing live?

BECKY: For me, playing live is the most important part of what we do. I love engaging with people who come to our shows and getting to share our music with them. I also love how much it unites us as a band.

JASE: I agree, it’s such a buzz. As a frontman, I love interacting with the crowd, and if I can get them to sing with me, or dance or pit, then it’s been a good day!

TOMMY: Touring is the best part about being in a band, especially with these guys!

DAN: I find touring tiring, especially as I do most of the driving, but playing the shows is ultimately rewarding and makes all the tiredness worth it. The buzz of performing wakes me up for sure!

JAMES: Playing live is the best part about being in a band for me. It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. And touring is even better because it normally means I get to share a small bed with Dan…

Where does the band see themselves in the long-term?

BECKY: I think ultimately, we all want to be doing this band as much as possible for as long as possible. I’d love it if our music took us all over the world.

JASE: They say that if you work a job you love, you never work a day in your life. We all love being in this band, playing shows etc. I’d say that I keep my goals small, and then each time we achieve something, I make the goal just a little bit bigger.

DAN: I’d love to play shows around the world and make a difference to people with our music.

JAMES: To be successful whilst staying true to who we are as people and as musicians. Headlining Reading Festival would be a dream come true though.

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Maypine band photo

Merging highly infectious refrains and upbeat punk-rock rhythms, ascending UK pop-punks MAYPINE are to set loose their eagerly awaited new EP, ‘In The Back Of My Mind’, on Friday 4th August through Disconnect Disconnect Records.

Before then, the lively quintet premiere their video single for ‘A Little Sooner’ with New Noise Magazine – which you can view at newnoisemagazine.com/maypine-little-sooner-video

The band will also be hitting the road this summer in support of the release.

By taking inspiration from a variety of different artists, the aspiring tunesters have been encouraged by State Champs, Neck Deep, ROAM and Blink-182. Through digesting the fundamentals of these key influences, they have formed their own sounds, creating premium cuts that are both accessible and instantly engaging.

Hailing from Brighton, and formed in mid-2016, the band spent the summer months crafting their set and refining their live show in anticipation for their first UK tour last winter. The shows were highly successful, leading the pop-punks to being touted as ‘one of the most exciting new pop-punk bands in the UK‘.

The five-piece have recently completed their debut EP, working with producer Ian Sadler, who has worked with outfits such as ROAM and Homebound. This impressive release is bursting with catchy hooks, emotive vocal lines and driving guitar parts.

With the release of ‘In The Back Of My Mind’ slated for this August, alongside a UK tour with much revered Brit pop-punks Better Than Never and Coast To Coast, this year is panning out to be a very eventful one.

Before the band fully take flight, catch MAYPINE live this August, at the below intimate venues:


Friday 04 – Hope & Ruin, Brighton*; Saturday 05 – Mulberry Tavern, Sheffield; Sunday 06 – Creepy Wee Pub, Dunfermline (Acoustic/afternoon set); Sunday 06 – The Attic/The Garage, Glasgow***; Tuesday 08 – Retro Bar, Manchester***; Thursday 10 – The Shed, Leicester**; Friday 11 – The Thunderbolt, Bristol**; Saturday 12 – The Attic, Torquay**; Sunday 13 – The Joiners, Southampton**; Monday 14 – The Black Heart, Camden**; Tuesday 15 – The Attic, Ashford**; Wednesday 16 – TJ’s, Eastbourne*.

*MAYPINE | **w/ Better Than Never  | *** w/ Coast To Coast


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