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LONELY THE BRAVE – ‘Things Will Matter’ (4/5)


Lonely The Brave cover


‘Things Will Matter’ is the second studio album from Cambridge alternative rock/post-hardcore outfit Lonely The Brave.

Since the release of their debut ‘The Day’s War’ two years ago, the band have gone from strength to strength, with a growing legion of followers and a well-received split album with former member of My Chemical Romance Frank Iero.

With this follow-up, some aspects have remained, with angst-filled lyrics and a sound borrowed from an eclectic mix of influences still key components of the group’s musical make-up.

However, they have also taken an opportunity to experiment somewhat.

The tracks seem to have had more care taken over them, there is less emphasis on anthemic choruses and more on producing songs that are lovingly crafted and have a clear narrative that better relates to the listener.

Another plus point of ‘Things Will Matter’ is that while someĀ groups tend to put their best work at the beginning of an album and the second half is all filler material, Lonely The Brave have spread it out, with both halves containing a cluster of solid tracks.

It’s a strong second album that should enhance the band’s growing reputation, and I shall be keenly interested in what they have next up their sleeve.

TOP TRACK: ‘Rattlesnakes’