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Everyday Sidekicks band photo

EVERYDAY SIDEKICKS (from l-r): Sam Hughes (bass), Tim Brown (guitar), Archie Hatfield (vocals), Josh Armitage (drums)


Bristol four-piece Everyday Sidekicks are an outfit that have truly made their mark on the British post-hardcore scene in the last eighteen months.

Their heavy, aggressive and anthemic sound, combined with energetic vocals and diversely influenced lyrics, has impressed many critics and has enabled them to build up a loyal following.

With the recent release of their second EP ‘Hope’, which is the quartet’s most substantial offering to date, I chatted with frontman Archie Hatfield about how it was all put together, and what’s in store for those who have yet to listen to it.

How did the band get together initially?

We actually formed because we were in another band a few years before, it was just a bit of fun playing some covers at a few local venues, but we did manage to grab a show in London at a place called The White Lion which was pretty fun!

Eventually, I left and formed another band in a different style, which wanted a more serious approach. I then drafted in a few of the guys and some other people I knew to form Everyday Sidekicks.

How did the name Everyday Sidekicks come about?

We were stuck on a name for a while! We wanted something that represented the fun side of our music, but was also unique and not like anything around. We brainstormed a few ideas and eventually combined them to make Everyday Sidekicks!

In your own words, how would you describe your sound?

Dirty riffs and big choruses, with a lot of energy and passion.

What are the band’s musical influences?

We have a wide variety of influences that are pretty specific to each member, but there are a few we share. I’d say our top four were A Day To Remember, Architects, Blink-182 and Bring Me The Horizon.

Individually though, we all have our own things that help us be unique. I myself am a massive fan of letlive., with the energy I put into my performance being inspired by them.

What would you say was your approach to songwriting?

Normally, Tim sits down and writes the basic song, then it goes back and forth between me and him a few times until the song is almost perfect. After that, I start working on the melodies for the music, at this point, the song can change a little as I’m writing, but never majorly.

Eventually, the song falls into place and is ready for the studio. We do always enter the studio expecting the songs to alter a lot though, so as a vocalist, it’s always good to have a few variants of lyrics and melodies about.

You recently released your debut EP ‘Hope’. How did the recording process go?

Recording with Tom Manning at the Monnow Valley studio in Wales was insane! We can’t thank him enough for what he did for us. We came out with a completely different sound to what we were expecting, but we absolutely loved it.

And what can anybody who has yet to listen to it expect?

Expect dirty riffs and big choruses. You will definitely be able to move to this live if you come to a show! We put a lot of passion into this EP and covered a lot of different areas that people can relate to.

How is it for the band playing live and touring?

Incredible! We feel at the moment that we have hit a point where we know the set inside and out. We are all confident as hell when we play live and we know we work well as a team, plus the banter is on form in the van at the moment so that always helps.

What do you have planned for the near future then?

We have a lot of stuff in the pipeline, we are already writing new music, we have a few festivals we haven’t announced yet and also, a few tours we are planning as we speak, we will be announcing more in the near future!

What is the band’s long-term aim?

To make as much music as we can for as long as possible, we will be happy to hit a point where this becomes our full-time life, and it’s starting to look that way, which is great!



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Everyday Sidekicks Cover


‘Hope’ is the sophomore EP from Bristol post-hardcore outfit Everyday Sidekicks.

The quartet burst onto the scene nearly eighteen months ago with their debut release ‘The Things I’ve Seen’, which impressed many with its heavy, anthemic sound, taken from a diverse range of musical influences.

With this new five track offering, the band have decided to use the elements of that and enhance it on a monumental scale.

Just by listening to opener ‘Glass House’, it is clear that they have aimed big, with the song beginning with a flourish of ferocious intensity and aggression, which becomes a major part of the make-up of the EP, with guitar riffs and drum beats both being delivered at breakneck speed.

Coupled with the pulsating, energetic vocal delivery of frontman Archie Hatfield, it seems that the tracks have been tailor-made for the moshpit.

However, with penultimate song ‘Lacuna’, the four-piece show just how flexible they can be with their music.

An almost two minute instrumental, the track differs from the rest of the output by utilising a sound that is gentler and more melodic.

It proves that the band can comfortably venture into other musical stylings, and manage to pull it off well, without it disrupting the rhythm of the rest of the EP.

Another thing Everyday Sidekicks pull off with success is with the diverse lyrical content, which deal with matters ranging from heartbreak to the state of the current world, all connected by a central theme of hope, for example, ‘Glass House’ concerns not having a choice in losing somebody close to you, whereas lead single ‘Fracture’ will appeal to those bemoaning the current state of the mainstream music industry, with Hatfield attacking those who prioritise artists and outfits who have good looks and more marketing potential over musicians who don’t necessarily have those attributes, but have an abundance of talent.

‘Hope’ is a substantial sounding offering that acts more effectively as a showcase for the band’s talents, and represents a real step up for them. The EP should also have a wide appeal, both for their current fan base, who enjoyed listening to their debut, and anybody who is just discovering them.

TOP TRACK: ‘Fracture’