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COLD SUMMER – ‘Fight To Survive’ (4/5)



Since forming in 2010, Leeds post-hardcore four-piece Cold Summer have released two critically acclaimed EPs and an album, therefore, ‘Fight To Survive’, their third EP, has experienced a high level of expectation.

Well, it’s safe to say it certainly doesn’t disappoint.

It kicks off with ‘Bear Eats Wolf’, a track where frontman Dan Feast frankly sings about his battles with anxiety and depression, cleverly using a bear and wolf as metaphors, which are a recurring theme throughout the entire EP, for his states of mind.

Lyrically, a lot of ‘Fight To Survive’ deals with the band musing about the current global economic and political turmoil and how a lot of people these days are seduced by power and money, leading to widespread corruption and greed.

An example is the song ‘Car Crash (In Progress)’, where Dan likens the world at the moment to a car driving head on towards a massive crash, and that time is fast running out to prevent it.

Throughout, Dan’s vocal delivery, which switches from melodic to screaming with relative ease, acts as an effective guide to the diversely-influenced sound, for example, whenever the vocals increase in angst and aggression, the guitar riffs and drum beats noticeably become heavier.

Overall, this is a well put-together EP that is an enjoyable listen, but at the same time, it makes you really think about the direction we are all heading in, as individuals and as a collective.

TOP TRACK: ‘Bear Eats Wolf’