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Capital Eye band photo

CAPITAL EYE (from l-r): Matty Jackman (lead guitar/backing vocals), Kyden Woodhead (drums), Danny Jackman (bass), Scott Baxter (vocals/rhythm guitar)


Having originally been a covers band playing to audiences in their home town of Bridlington in east Yorkshire, four-piece Capital Eye have evolved to become an outfit that have a unique indie-rock sound, featuring massive guitar riffs, thumping drum beats, and punchy bass lines.

The quartet’s debut EP, ‘Take Note’, released early last year, was very well-received, with the majority of the tracks getting radio airplay, and enabled the band to concentrate on travelling further afield, developing their stage presence, and strengthening the collective’s fan base.

Having just unveiled a new single, entitled ‘Lipstick Kiss’, the outfit’s bassist, Danny Jackman, spoke to me about that, and everything else concerning Capital Eye.

How did the band get together? 

Scott wasn’t doing anything band-wise and never had done, but I heard him singing at a party and had to get him in, so I contacted Matty, then our drummer, and got it sorted.

How did the name Capital Eye come about? 

Capital Eye stands for CCTV. The logo is an eye looking over a city, and that’s what it stands for really. Back when we played covers, we played music that could be related to football casuals and had a certain crowd to aim for, what with Britain being the most-watched nation under CCTV in the world and all that.

What would you say was your songwriting approach?

We have a lot of approaches, it’s really just which ever way it happens, whether it be Matty bringing an idea up, or Scott bringing in an idea, then all elaborating on it together.

Sometimes, Matty and Scott will bring up a finished product, and one of our tracks, ‘Daydreamer’ actually started as a bass line, so it’s any approach that works for us at that time.

What inspires the band lyrically?

Just day-to-day things, working class things, things that most other people around us and in our friend group can relate to.

Last year, you brought out your debut EP, ‘Take Note’, which was very well-received. Was that something you all expected during its recording process?

It was something that had been a long time coming, and we had already built up a following doing what we were doing, so we believed in what we had produced and was very happy with how it was received.

And the band worked on the release with renowned producer John Spence, who has worked with such highly-regarded outfits as the Sisters Of Mercy and the Happy Mondays. How was it, as an experience, working with him?

It was our first time in the studio, and we couldn’t have asked for a nicer guy to ease us in, as he made us feel relaxed, and that allowed us to go in and do what we needed to do in the time that we had.

He also has a fantastic ear for things, which is not actually normal (laughs).

Recently, you unveiled a new single, entitled ‘Lipstick Kiss’. How has the reaction been to that so far?

Yeah, ‘Lipstick Kiss’ has been received really well. It’s up there as one of our favourites, and it is definitely one to catch live!

And will the track potentially lead to a future EP or album release at all?

I think we are just going to release a few singles, as in the past, we have put out quite a lot quickly, so we are going to be taking a different strategy from now on to get the best out of the final product.

The band have just played the Tramlines festival in Sheffield, and have also supported the likes of The Pigeon Detectives. How were they as experiences?

Tramlines is always great, but The Pigeon Detectives gig was special. There were over 100 tickets sold from our side, the atmosphere was incredible, and to play with a band that we grew up listening to and were fans of was surreal.

That came about through Ryan getting us on board with them after he joined us to play one of his songs at a mutual friend’s wedding.

And how is it overall, for you all, performing live?

We love it, and there’s just nothing like it. That’s why we never stop.

And finally, what is the band’s long-term aim?

To constantly be gigging, bringing out new tunes, just to keep enjoying what we are doing, and see where that takes us.

Capital Eye Single Cover