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BEYOND ATLANTIS – ‘Down The Streets’

Beyond Atlantis Single Cover 2


Having impressed with their debut track, ‘Songbird’, a few months ago, Beyond Atlantis are back with a new single, ‘Down The Streets’.

Whereas the Midlands duo’s last release was rather soft and melodic, with this, they seem to have opted for a heavier and further intense sound.

Manny Jack channels his inner Chris Cornell with a grittier, less subtle vocal delivery, which, with the more distorted guitar riffs, gives the single a early 90s grunge vibe, rather reminiscent of Alice In Chains and Stone Temple Pilots.

It is a perfect showcase of just how musically versatile both him and Herbie are, as it’s hard to think of many outfits who have gone for such a different approach, and pulled it off with much success, especially when it’s only their second single.

The track is also a good gateway for Beyond Atlantis to access the fan base of Herbie’s other band, Anonymous, as it sits comfortably between that four-piece’s more frantic pace, and the light, delicate tones of ‘Songbird’.

The two singles they have brought out so far are to form part of their debut album, which is planned for release at some point next year, and having listened to them both, and liked very much what I was hearing, it should make for a great listen, especially if the other tracks are going to be as strong and in-depth.









Beyond Atlantis band photo

BEYOND ATLANTIS (from l-r): Steven “Herbie” Herbert (guitar), Manny Jack(vocals/guitar)


Beyond Atlantis is a new musical collaboration between Steven “Herbie” Herbert, the drummer from rising rock quartet Anonymous, and singer-songwriter Manny Jack.

The talented duo, hailing from the Midlands, have a gentle acoustic sound, taking influence from late 90’s, early 00’s alternative rock, coupled with uncomplicated lyrics, and soft, melodic vocals with a slight gritty edge.

Having just released their debut single, ‘Songbird’, the fledgling two-piece told me more about themselves and their future plans.

How was Beyond Atlantis formed?

STEVEN “HERBIE” HERBERT (guitar): I guess you could say Beyond Atlantis began when Manny & me formed a band called Endeavour in high school around six years ago, as that was the starting point of our writing teamwork.

MANNY JACK (vocals/guitar): About a year or so ago, we jammed and from there on, we decided that we would continue and see where we could go. I have played with many musicians over time, but the musical bond of being able to create a new song off the bat is a normal day in this duo, BA needed to be done.

How did the name come about?

MANNY: It came down to a lot of thought and elimination, but we wanted something to stand out. Herbie originally came up with the name.

HERBIE: Yeah, I was looking at some band names I liked and was trying to figure out what made them so good and memorable. I think I’d just finished playing Bioshock and the underwater city idea kept coming up. So I came up with the name and ran it past Manny.

What would you say was your approach to songwriting?

HERBIE: It varies. Sometimes we bring a skeleton of a song to the table or a simple idea, like a riff or melody, and work off of each other’s ideas from there. Other times, we have all the song written and show it to the other, in which they add their parts or change bits here and there.

What inspires you both lyrically?

MANNY: I have always wrote lyrics even before I could sing, but personally, I believe when I write it’s what comes from my head and heart. I am inspired by my thoughts mainly but with Herbie, we join ideas.

HERBIE: I write lyrics about what’s going on in the world or my life at that given time. A lot of the time, it’s getting my opinions across through song. I do try to make them generic sounding as I feel that that’s more relatable. As of late, I’ve tried writing outside of what I’m used to and just experimenting.

Herbie, you’re also the drummer in Anonymous. How is it different playing in an acoustic duo to playing in a rock four-piece?

HERBIE: It’s more of a challenge for me personally as I can’t help but see myself as a ‘drummer’. Having said that, I feel like picking up a guitar or bass has really helped me expand as a musician, it’s just more nerve-racking getting out in front of people playing guitar as I feel that drums are my comfort zone.

The major difference between the two is that there are less people to clash with. It’s very organic with Manny as we meet in the middle with ideas or expand on whatever the other has brought to the table. There are pros and cons to both, but it’s a totally different environment and has been refreshing for me.

Having now released your debut single, are you planning on bringing out an EP or album at all in the near future?

MANNY: Yes, we have been working hard on our first full-length album this year, which will feature ‘Songbird’. This album has a multi-genre feel that consists of a double-digit play list. All of the songs were written and produced by the both of us with a lot of heart and hard work, we hope you guys will give us a listen.

All updates on the release of our album will be distributed on all of our social media, so stay on board for news and promotions.

Is Beyond Atlantis going to be just a short-term project or is it going to be something more long-term?

HERBIE: It’s a long-term thing for sure.

MANNY: We have so many ideas and a lot of material for everyone to enjoy. Long-term is a guarantee.

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BEYOND ATLANTIS – ‘Songbird (As Seasons Come & Go)’

Beyond Atlantis Single Cover


‘Songbird (As Seasons Come & Go)’ is the debut single from Midlands acoustic duo Beyond Atlantis, made up of singer-songwriter Manny Jack and Steven “Herbie” Herbert, the drummer from rock four-piece Anonymous.

As far as debuts go, the track is strong, with the sound, inspired by late 90’s, early 00’s alternative rock, following a formula of gentle guitar strums, which increase in intensity as the song moves forwards towards the chorus, coupled with an underlying marching band-style drum beat, and uncomplicated lyrics, which are easy to remember and sing along to.

This is all held together well with Manny’s vocal delivery, which is soft and melodic, but with a subtle gritty edge, and hits both the higher and lower notes with ease.

Having become familiar with Herbie’s work with Anonymous these last couple of years, becoming a part of Beyond Atlantis has given him the chance to show how versatile he is musically, with him being just at home with the smooth, genial tones of this track, as the heavier, more jagged fare he is more used to playing.

‘Songbird’ is a strong debut track from two talented musicians, and I look forward to seeing where they go from here.