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Having gained a devoted fan base, and positive responses, across the UK and much of continental Europe for a sound the band themselves describe as “rock n’ roll with a punk attitude“, Hertfordshire three-piece Brocker unveiled their second album, ‘Shambolic‘, a few months back, and the collective’s frontman, Pako Mugica, went through it with us, track-by-track:


The opening song of the album is about how “machines” monitor/control us, and how – at the same time – can’t live without them these days. People become dependent on their mobile phones, for example, and it’s almost impossible now to have a “private life“.


This one is about feeling down and angry with this ordinary life…sometimes, you just want to hide from it, you feel lost inside your mind, and use alcohol to feel better: “neurotic poisons“.


Based on a true story. A few years ago, we played this acoustic set in a pub in St Albans (the band’s home town), called The Robin Hood, and met a guy who was the “chef” there. He seemed like a nice guy at first, but it all ended up in catastrophe, as not only did he steal from us in my own home, he also got caught stealing from gym lockers, and worst of all…almost killed the pub landlady when he broke in to get the cash from the till. Luckily, he got caught, and was sentenced to seven years behind bars. FUCK YOU!


Live in sin, enjoy the ride“. No regrets, it’s now or never. You only get one shot to make the best and most of your time.


This one is about our love for music, and how it has changed our lives: “My life’s just a mixtape of songs that I play…


This is a “funny” one: It’s about a badger, and how he behaves and lives very much like a punk. The main message from the song is: “Make of this life your own tale, you don’t have to play their game.”


Oh, the media…(sighs, yawns). “Keeping you entertained is their old tricky game.”


I would say this one is about hate…hate towards people that only think/talk about themselves, and couldn’t give two shits about others – selfish, arrogant, careless, etc, etc. Everyone has met one.


Touring, touring, touring. Life on the road, jump on the bandwagon with some of your best mates, and have an awesome time, sleep on the floor of a stranger, meet new people…What else do you need? Well…beer.


With all of the above being said, this one is about how well we all are together: having a great time, ignoring the outside world for a bit, respecting others, avoiding manipulation, etc. Some can’t tolerate life, or how the world works. The “underworld” is basically the venues and gigs we all attend – our way to escape.


I’ve seen some people/friends suffering from anxiety – it’s an evil and scary feeling (I know from personal experience from the past). It’s like living in the middle of the ocean, alone, and on a boat that is slowly sinking. This song tries to emphasise the importance of helping others and each other: “Let’s walk the plank together to fight the sea“. We are nothing without people.


Pretty self-explanatory, right? Get drunk and break the rules.


This is an old song that we never recorded. It’s basically a big “FUCK YOU” to anyone that tells you what to do or choose.



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