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Despite initially forming almost two decades ago, and having amassed a loyal following over that period, it wasn’t until the release of debut album ‘They Live‘ towards the end of 2016 that Weak13 finally got the praise and acknowledgement they had spent such a long time working for.

They Live‘ caught a lot of bands off guard, as they weren’t expecting it at all, and if they’re really honest about it, it inspired some of them to really step up their game” recalls the band’s vocalist/guitarist, and man of many talents, Nick J. Townsend. “Also, it scared the hell out of critics because it meant that they had to tolerate hearing people calling us serious musicians.

Therefore, when the time came for the West Midlands rock collective to begin planning a follow-up, they realised that in order to effectively build on the momentum generated by their first full-length offering, everything had to be moved up to a whole new level.

We simply knew that we had to better ‘They Live‘ in every way possible, and this meant we had to make it bigger, better, and bolder than anything we had ever done before.” states bassist Wesley Smith.

And the best way in which to achieve this, the band quickly realised, was for them to record a double album.

As a rule, independent bands such as ours tend not to make double albums, and mainstream artists shy away from it. Loads of them talk about the idea, but in reality, when you hear the state of modern music releases, many struggle to write even three good tunes,” says Nick, “so we thought about recording twice the normal amount of songs, and making them all hit-worthy, stand-alone bullets.

Another reason for deciding to do this, Nick says, was a desire from himself and his bandmates to create something that would have the same lasting impact as a certain release from years before had had on them.

I remember when I was younger buying the ‘Use Your Illusion’ double albums by Guns N’ Roses, and thinking how brave and massive they were, as releasing what was essentially four albums worth of songs all in one go was unheard of even then, and we thought long and hard about Weak13 doing the same.

And so, for the last couple of months, the collective have been hard at work putting together what will be the first half of a 15-track release, the process of which so far has been relatively smooth and trouble-free.

From a bass point of view, it’s all falling into place very nicely, and its sounding amazing even at an unmixed stage, so that can only be a positive thing.” says Wesley, with Nick adding, “I’ve never felt this confident before in the studio, and I simply haven’t been able to get the tunes that we’ve recorded so far out of my head. Hell, I’ve even been playing air guitar to the raw mixes while listening to them in my car!

However, despite all of this positivity, the band’s devoted legion of followers will have to wait almost another year for the album to come out, with Wesley explaining, “We’re looking at getting it out by April or May 2020, as we want to make sure that everything sounds as good as we know it can be by then, but even that could change, as it ultimately depends on whether we’ll be happy with it.

Despite this though, Weak13 say that their second full-length offering will be well worth the rather lengthy wait. “It will have that classic Weak13 feel, but with a few shocking turns and twists” teases Wesley, with Nick adding to this by saying, “There will be a wider range of crazy shit happening. The last record did a really good job of introducing our sound, but this time around, it feels so much stronger, as we’re going to be doing a lot of brand new things that I know our fans are just going to love.

In the meantime, the band can exclusively reveal to us that the album is going to called ‘Aluminium‘, with Wesley saying, “We will leave the puzzle of why we’re calling it that to for the listener to solve when they hear certain lyrics and see the album cover, and interestingly, aluminium is the 13th element of the periodic table.

However, Nick is keen to point out that while that link is purely coincidental, the title is still important, concluding, “It will make more sense when you hear the whole album.”








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