Death Blooms band photo

DEATH BLOOMS (from l-r): Dan Partridge (drums), Paul Barrow (vocals), “Giz” Gibbs (bass), Ad Lucas (guitar)


From Liverpool, Death Blooms are an up-and-coming four-piece who specialise in a boundary-pushing metal sounds that is explosive, sinister, and takes from a diverse range of musical influences.

Having brought out a new single, ‘Crosses’, ahead of their second EP release this April, I spoke to the band when they stopped by recently in Stoke-on-Trent, as part of a UK headline tour with SHVPES, and the following is what they had to say:

How did the band first get together?

PAUL BARROW (vocals): So we had been in all sorts of different bands, and it was when mine and Ad’s old band finished that we decided to start something new, which we did, and we just carried on from there.

How did the name Death Blooms come about?

PAUL: At the beginning, we had a bunch of different names that we were considering, and Death Blooms just happened to be the best one. Also, it was the name that best fitted our sound.

What would you say was your songwriting approach?

PAUL: We just put in as much as we can, from a wide range of influences, for example, nu-metal, metalcore, pop-punk, which reflect our diverse musical tastes, so yeah, we just throw everything in, and see what happens.

What inspires the band lyrically?

PAUL: So far, we’ve tended to write lyrics that have a personal meaning to all of us, for example, metal health issues, but basically, we just put down whatever’s going through our heads at the time, and I think that creates a general vibe where we can release our emotions.

AD LUCAS (guitar): All of the confusion in our heads, we just get a piece of paper, and write it out.

You recently brought out a new single, ‘Crosses’. How has the reaction been to that so far?

PAUL: It’s been amazing, and people seem to really dig it. It’s been weird, though, as the song has been in our live set for a while now, pretty much since we started, but yeah, the reaction so far has just been ace.

“GIZ” GIBBS (bass): And when we’ve been playing it live recently, everyone has been singing along to it, which is fucking awesome.

And the track was taken from the band’s second EP, ‘You Are Filth’, which will be coming out this April. How has the recording process for that been?

PAUL: The process just started, everything came together, and then it was over.

(The band all laugh)

PAUL: Nah! It was actually really cool. We recorded the EP over a few sessions with Dave Radahd-Jones at his home studio.

AD: He’s the same producer who helped us with our first EP.

PAUL: Yeah, he’s ace, because he seems to just get our sound, and what we want to do with it. In comparison to when we did the first EP, where me and Ad got together, sat down somewhere, wrote a few songs, and then sent them over to Dave, this time, we spent two sessions writing the tracks with him.

It was a dead comfortable atmosphere throughout, really, and I noticed that Dave’s studio had some really nice carpets.

(The band all laugh)

PAUL: Also, the coffee was nice.

AD: Yeah, coffee-fuelled metal!

(The band all laugh)

How will the upcoming release differ stylistically to the debut?

PAUL: I don’t know, really, as I think that it’s just a continuation of what we did with the first EP, only with a more coarse sound.

AD: I feel that it has more groove and melody.

PAUL: Yeah, it’s almost like it’s heavier and punkier at the same time.

AD: Yeah, I think we’ve added a bunch of songs that have more hooks to them, definitely.

Last year, you played at Download, supported King 810, and opened for Korn frontman Jonathan Davis in Manchester, which must have been quite an experience for the band.

PAUL: It was wild, and actually, it was Dan’s first show with us, wasn’t it, mate?

DAN PARTRIDGE (drums): Yes, it was.

PAUL: So you went straight in at the deep end.

DAN: Yeah, it was pretty fucking crazy, man, because we all grew up listening to Korn.

“GIZ”: It was a hell of an inititation.

(The band all laugh)

DAN: Yeah, definitely.

PAUL: When Dan joined, we just said to him, “By the way, your first show with us is going to be opening for Jonathan Davis“, but it was ace, man, and the Korn fans in the crowd got us, so it was good, like.

And how is it, overall, performing live on stage?

“GIZ”: Fun, real fun.

PAUL: It’s real fun.

AD: And we pray that it will never become a chore for us.

PAUL: We do what we do, and we fucking love doing it, especially when it all pays off, unless we’re feeling sick, but even then, we will still give everything to it.

AD: And now that we’ve just done our sound check, we can’t wait to get back out there.

And finally, what are the band’s plans following the release of ‘You Are Filth’?

PAUL: Shortly, we’re going to be announcing something that we can’t go into too much detail about at the moment, and then for the rest of this year, we’re just going to sort out what we are going to do.

AD: Stuff will definitely be happening.

PAUL: We’ll also be bringing out a few more singles from the EP, and a few videos as well, so yeah, a lot of content, and loads more live shows too.

Death Blooms EP Cover










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