Misty Eyed band photo

MISTY EYED (from l-r): Wes Powell (bass), Zach Nall (drums), Megan Burke (vocals), John Eck (guitar)


Hailing from the American state of Georgia, rock four-piece Misty Eyed describe themselves as “a few misguided young adults that happen to have a burning passion“.

This self-description can be accurately reflected in a sound that takes in influences spanning from the legendary Led Zeppelin to more contemporary outfits such as Twenty One Pilots.

With the band starting to really make a name for themselves, they spoke to me about their journey so far, as well as upcoming album, ‘Eurydice’, and live set in Nashville.

How did the band get together?

The guys all knew each other, and had been in projects before, starting with John and Wes, who then met Zach, and eventually, Megan met John, and he pulled her into the group as well.

How did the name Misty Eyed come about?

We kept coming up with name ideas, but couldn’t all seem to agree, so we each came up with a few options and voted anonymously, but Misty Eyed was one of the options Megan came up with, as she is a huge Twenty One Pilots fan, and it stems from one of their lyrics.

What would you say was your approach to songwriting?

We each will come up with part of an idea on our own, show the rest of the band, and let everyone tweak and give their opinions. It’s really collaborative, and it helps us become better songwriters.

What inspires the band lyrically?

Overall, we really try to look outside of ourselves and at the environment around us, and write what we see. When it comes to songs started by an individual, I think we try to convey what we’re going through, and write to survive what we feel on the inside.

Recently, you brought out a new single, ‘Attila’, and then next month, you will be unveiling an album, entitled ‘Eurydice’. How was the recording process for them?

Amazing! We worked with Austin from Stray Thoughts Recordings, and we couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere. He’s a really cool and laid-back guy, but really professional and a high recommendation for any musician, as he really helped us form a complete and full sound for our record.

And what can be expected from the upcoming release?

We’re really proud to be able to say there’s a good variety of things to expect. We have some songs that are hard-hitting emotionally and musically.

The band have so far mainly played gigs in their native state of Georgia, and have also supported the likes of VISTA and the Hollywood Undead. How is the experience, for you all, of performing live?

Well, looking back on opening for substantial bands like Hollywood Undead, Trapt, and being on a festival bill with the likes of Lamb of God and Unearth is surreal. It’s one of those things that you’re kind of pinching yourself to see if you’re really awake, and also, being able to play with serious up-and-coming bands like VISTA is awesome.

Performance-wise, we’re always on the grind and constantly looking for ways to improve. It’s like honing a superpower, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

On December 8, you will be playing in Nashville. I can imagine that’s something the whole band are very much looking forward to.

Absolutely. We’re always excited when we get to play a city we’ve never played before, and Nashville is a huge one, as so much amazing music comes out of there, and we’re excited that we’re going to be able to finally leave our mark on the city.

And finally, what are the band’s plans following that?

Right now, we’re really setting up a great foundation for 2019 to be a huge year for us. Everything keeps getting bigger and better, and with the release of our new record, we’ve got some high hopes for next year, and we know it’s not gonna be something that people are gonna want to miss.

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