CONCRETE KINGDOMS – ‘Concrete Kingdoms’


Concrete Kingdoms EP Cover


Having had to take a break last year, Scottish hard rock quintet Concrete Kingdoms are now back, bigger, better, and stronger than before with their self-titled debut EP.

The new release comprises of four tracks, all of which provide firm evidence that the band, this time, have opted for a sound that is altogether more powerful and better developed.

For example, there is more of an even balance between the immersing guitar riffs and a melodic vocal delivery that can really reach the higher notes.

This combination moves along at a nice pace, enabling the lyrical content, which is grounded in issues that everybody has had or will have to face at some point in their lives, to be clearly heard, and not be dwarfed by the music, which a few outfits similar to these guys tend to do at times.

Overall, ‘Concrete Kingdoms’ is a solid offering that should appeal, with its good old-fashioned, proper hard rock, to a diverse range of the genre’s devotees, and also should enable the five-piece to keep going the momentum that they have been spending the past few years building up.


TOP TRACK: ‘Time To Play’





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