The Young & Restless band photo

THE YOUNG & RESTLESS (back, from l-r): Adam Hogg (drums), Rob Hardy (guitar/vocals), Will Newell (bass) (front): Ali Morrison (vocals/guitar)


From Northampton, The Young & Restless are a four-piece that deal with subjects such as heartbreak and growing up through a combination of emo and pop-punk delivered at breakneck speed that will leave you feeling a whole range of emotions.

Having released two well-received EPs, the band recently brought out a single, entitled ‘Family Values’, and talking to me about this, as well as just some of the things they have done over the past couple of years, was the quartet’s frontman Ali Morrison.

How did the band form?

Officially, we became a band back in the summer of 2013, but it all began at the beginning of that year, when myself and my brother Sam (former lead vocalist) went down to our local pub one night to meet up with some old friends.

Sam and I used to perform together as an acoustical duo playing a bunch of covers and play the odd support for our eldest brother’s cover band, Buck Naked.

At the pub, we met an old school friend, Josh Palmer (former drummer). He had actually been recommended to us, so as we already knew that he was a drummer, we got talking, then arranged to get together and play a few covers from some of our favourite bands.

We then started meeting up every week on a regular basis, until one day, we started jamming out spontaneous riffs and beats, and decided to make a go of it!

The band stayed as a three-piece for a little while, performing our first two shows with that line-up, until we decided to get in a bass player, and that’s when we met Rob Solesbury (former bassist).

Eventually, we decided that we wanted to expand on our sound, and that’s when we met Rob Hardy.

How did the name The Young & Restless come about?

After a practice session one evening, we had a chat about what we should call our band, and Sam suggested The Young & Restless. We loved it, and decided to have that as our name, so that was that!

What are the band’s main musical influences?

From a young age up until now, each of us have been influenced by a lot of bands from a variety of genres, but if we were to mention a good handful of them and give people a better idea as to what we sound like, we would say Blink-182, New Found Glory, State Champs, The Story So Far, Yellowcard, The Wonder Years, Don Broco, Lower Than Atlantis…

What would you say was your songwriting approach?

Usually at practice every week, one of us would have already come up with a riff that we’ve been messing around with in our spare time, then each of us would follow it up and try out different things, if it works, then great, if it doesn’t work, we’ll simply try something else!

What we do is get the core musical structure done, then we will write lyrics according to the vibe of the song, it may be about certain situations that have taken place in our lives, but we aim to make it so that it’s something that other people can relate to.

What inspires the band lyrically?

Heartbreak, growing up, hanging out with friends, family issues, basically everything that makes your modern day pop-punk band!

You recently brought out a new single, entitled ‘Family Values’. How was the recording process for that?

We recorded ‘Family Values’ with Ed Sokolowski at EAS Studios in Milton Keynes, who also recorded both our first EP, ‘Leave Us To Our Own Devices’, and our second EP, ‘Horizon’.

Ed is an absolute pleasure to work with, and a total genius at what he does, not only is he really good, but when he gets stuck in, it’s almost as if he becomes another member of the band, and by bringing so many good ideas to the table, he truly helps make the songs what they are.

The recording process itself was actually rather easy, we demoed the song in a day to help give Ed an better idea of how it went, and to build on it with new ideas, one of them being the complete change-up in the melody and rhythm of the lyrics.

It was pretty mental and all over the place to begin with, so with Ed’s help, he tidied everything up, then the actual recording process took place over three days, and we couldn’t imagine doing it any other way now!

And for those who have yet to listen to the track, what can they expect from it?

Expect full-throttle right from beginning to end, fast-paced beats, a whirlwind of emotions, and big, bold guitar riffs seasoned with twinkly little melodies!

The band have played live with the likes of Reckless Intentions and Carousel Kings, headlined such venues as The Black Heart in Camden, and performed at the Pop-Punk Pile-Up festival in North Yorkshire in April. How were they all as experiences?

It was an honour to hit the road with Reckless Intentions back in February, they’re a lovely bunch of lads, and great musicians, supporting Carousel Kings and playing at The Asylum in Birmingham was an amazing opportunity, we’ve always wanted to play that venue too, so thank you to Ryan Cornall!

The Black Heart in Camden was actually the first venue we ever played in London, we had such an awesome time there, and really appreciated the opportunity to be part of Music From The Heart festival, thanks to Lloyd Parkinson and Phil Walker for putting us forward!

Pop-Punk Pile-Up was an absolute blast, Adam Ruane is a wonderful promoter, and credit must go to Jay Burgin, Courtney Jocelyn, Steph Knight, and everyone else involved for making the festival what it was, as it was clear throughout that they had really pulled out the stops!

And how is it overall, for you all, playing live?

When you see us live, expect a lot of movement and energy, as we tend to get a little carried away! We get a real buzz off the energy of a good crowd, and we also like to get everyone involved.

We especially love playing in places that we’ve never been to before, and later this year, we’ll be aiming to hit up new venues!

Now that the single has been released, what are the band’s plans for the near future?

We’re going to carry on touring, we may release a new single towards the end of this year, or get started on recording a long EP or mini-album, as we’re always writing new material.

Next year, we’d love to tour Europe, and it would be amazing as well if we could get to tour America, it would be also be great if we managed to get a support slot on a week or fortnight-long tour with a big band!

And finally, what is your long-term aim?

We’d love to do this for a living, we want to continue making music that people can enjoy, and overall, to simply have a good time!

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