Mountains To Move band photo

MOUNTAINS TO MOVE (from l-r): Philippe Van Leuven (bass), Quinten Pas (vocals/guitar), Mathijs Adriansen (drums), Sander Mangelschots (guitar)


Describing themselves as “your girlfriend’s new favourite boyband“, Belgian four-piece Mountains To Move blend emotional melodies and heartfelt lyrics with heavy choruses, resulting in a captivating emo-punk sound.

The band burst onto the scene in 2015 with a well-received debut EP, ‘Cotard’, and since then, have played live shows that are a perfect compliment for their music, as well as sets supporting the likes of Lower Than Atlantis and Deaf Havana.

With a new single, ‘Left Or Right’, coming out in just under a week, the Antwerp collective gave me an insight into how they work, their experiences up to now, and what to expect from them in the near future.

How did the band form?

The band started out as just four friends who met up every weekend at the same bar, listened to the same bands, and had common interests. One drunken night, one of us simply proposed to start a band and do the same things all those bands were doing that we looked up to.

None of us were any good at their instrument at first, but we just pushed through, kept on writing, finding our own sound, which was initially more pop-punk, but gradually evolved into something more emo-ish, with punk elements.

From where did the name Mountains To Move originate?

Coming up with a band name is usually the hardest part at the beginning. At that time, all of us were into a band called Seahaven, and one of their songs, ‘Plague’, ends with “I’ve got some mountains to move“. We all liked that phrase and the idea behind it.

What would you say was your approach to songwriting?

Usually, we come up with a general idea or concept of how we want the song to sound, and then we just practice as a whole to create something we as a band are proud of. This means that each of us have their own idea of how the song should sound, but eventually this turns into a whole that us as a collective stand behind.

Later this month, the band will be bringing out a new single, ‘Left Or Right’. How has the recording process been for that?

Writing ‘Left or Right’ was a completely new experience, because for this single, we decided to work with an extra producing voice and friend of ours on the song structure, overall musical sound, and recording process.

Usually, we’re not that good at recording professionally, but together with this producer, it went way more smoothly than other times.

In your native Belgium, you have supported such outfits as Lower Than Atlantis, Deaf Havana, and Young Guns. How were they as experiences for you all?

These shows were truly unforgettable, and it was such a cool experience to play with bands that you look up to. The response from the crowd was also overwhelming, and people were coming over to the merch table to take pictures with us and asking for signatures, which are things we don’t experience at our usual shows.

And how is it, for the band, playing live overall?

Playing live is what keeps us going. It’s an outlet to play our songs to people who have yet to hear us. It’s also an opportunity to meet new people and visit new places. We love to hit the road and play stages that we haven’t before.

I recently read that you’re keen to widen your UK fan base. Are there currently any plans for the band to play a few British gigs?

We would LOVE to tour the UK. Over the years, we’ve made some friends there, so booking shows in Britain could work. However, the logistical aspect of it would be difficult, but who knows? The pleasure would be ours.

Once the upcoming single is released, what are the band’s plans?

We’ve got one other single, coming out this summer. This single will also come with a video clip of our trip to Switzerland last winter, where we got to play with Daisyhead.

At this very moment, we’re writing some more music that should be out later on this year. In the end, we’d like to put out a physical release again, but these plans aren’t concrete yet.

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