Crossing The Limits band photo

CROSSING THE LIMITS (from l-r): Ben Brennan (drums), Tim Clements (bass), Rachael Holland (vocals), Tom Colmans (rhythm guitar), Dan Smith (lead guitar)



Hailing from Norwich, emerging five-piece Crossing The Limits specialise in a pleasurably enthusiastic and inspiring pop-punk sound reminiscent of such other female-fronted rock outfits as Tonight Alive and Against The Current.

The band have already toured the UK, supporting fellow Norfolk collective Young States, and recently brought out a debut single, ‘Won’t Settle’, which has so far had good reviews.

The quintet’s frontwoman, Rachael Holland, spoke to us about all this and more, ahead of the release of their first EP, ‘Perseverance’, next month.

How did the band get together?

We came together because I’d just gotten out of another band, and was looking to start again. I posted a bunch of ads online, looking for dedicated people. It took a while, and felt pretty hopeless, but eventually, I met Tom, and we were really on the same page with everything.

From there, we found Dan, who then put forward Tim for bass. We gave him a shot and he was great. Ben was the final member to join. We were struggling to find a drummer, and I knew of him from his previous band. I saw one day that they had called it quits, and then asked him if he’d be interesting in joining us. The rest is history. It felt like fate, really.

How did the name Crossing The Limits come about?

The band name came from a bunch of lyrics I had written for a song we never used. I was walking home from a practice thinking about band names, and that one came into my head. I sat on it for a few days, but it kept coming back to me, it just felt right. It stands for not letting anything or anyone hold you back from what you wanna do.

Recently, the band released their debut single, ‘Won’t Settle’. How has the reaction been to that so far?

It has been really great! People seem to be really enjoying it, some have even been tweeting saying they have had it on repeat! It’s such a great feeling to have people enjoy something that was created from a bad situation. That is one of my favourite things about making music, being able to turn something negative into something positive. It makes the bad situations feel worth it.

And that track was taken from your first EP, ‘Perseverance’, coming out early next month. How has the recording process for that been?

We really enjoyed the recording process for our EP with Drew Lawson at Steel City Studio in Sheffield, and we definitely learned a lot whilst doing it.

We spent a lot of time in the studio reworking the songs to make them sound as good as they can be, and Drew really added a lot to the overall sound with the synth parts. It was great getting into the studio and being able to put the songs down and hear them evolve throughout the process, and we’re really proud of how ‘Perseverance’ has turned out.

Last autumn, the band supported fellow Norwich outfit Young States. How is the experience, for you all, of playing live and touring?

It was really great, Young States are good friends of ours, and we were super excited to head out on tour with them. It was really cool getting to be in a different city every day and hang out with your friends non-stop.

I think the hardest part is trying to not get unwell; considering it’s pretty hard to eat right on the road, we just ended up eating Burger King nearly every day. I’d say that’s a massive lesson I learnt about touring, taking care of yourself is so important, especially as a singer.

The shows were really fun, I’d say we had the most fun in Birmingham, as the energy was so great there.

What are your plans for after the release of ‘Perseverance’?

We plan to hit the road again! We just wanna be getting the music out there, to as many people as we can. We will also be working on new music, because you gotta keep it moving. That will be the tough part this year, finding the balance for everything!

What is the band’s long-term aim?

We wanna be able to do this for a living. We wanna be able to tour the world playing shows, making music, and connecting with people through music. That’s the dream.

Crossing The Limits EP Cover








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