The Lotus band photo

THE LOTUS (from l-r): Marco Lancs (drums), Rossano “Rox” Capriotti (vocals/bass/keyboards), Luca De Falco (guitar/backing vocals), Kristal Cross (synth/backing vocals)


The Lotus are a four-piece, originally from Italy, but now based in Manchester, who pride themselves on an ability to create an emotional, elaborate and atmospheric sound that takes the listener on a journey of self-discovery.

Since the release of their 2010 debut album, ‘Forgotten Silence’, the band have won much acclaim, and the three singles they brought out last year was proof that the guys have not lost their touch.

With an eagerly-awaited second album coming out later this year, Rossano “Rox” Capriotti, The Lotus’s frontman, spoke to me about its recording process, what can be expected of it, and the journey the quartet have been on up to now.

How did the band get together?

Me and Luca started the band in 2004: we were just kids trying to imitate their idols, and in fact, we were playing a few covers of Muse, Queen, Pink Floyd and Nirvana, but soon we got bored of playing someone else’s songs and we decided we wanted to play our own music.

After a three-month US tour in 2008, we started working on our very first album, ‘Forgotten Silence’, which was eventually released two years later.

How did the name The Lotus come about?

The band’s name was chosen randomly by our very first guitarist, who was in love with R.E.M.’s song ‘Lotus’ at that time. We liked it and we realised that, besides the musicality and majesty of the word lotus, it was the perfect name for us because of its meaning of purity and rebirth.

To somebody discovering your music for the first time, how would you describe it to them?

It’s very hard to find a proper definition of our sound. We’ve never needed to specify what kind of music we were playing, but we just realised that people need it. Everyone needs you to be classified in a specific area (genre), even though you don’t recognise it as yours.

So, having said that, we’d say our music is a kind of alternative Rock with a lot of influences from metal, electronic and classic rock music. Some people have compared us to Muse, Faith No More, Dream Theater and Placebo.

What are the band’s main musical influences?

We are big fans of Queen and Muse, as you might have already understood, but we also love Pink Floyd, Metallica, System Of A Down, U2, Depeche Mode, or even some heavier stuff like Slipknot.

What would you say was your approach to songwriting?

Our writing process has changed over the years. We used to write riffs and parts in the rehearsal room, re-elaborate them at home, and then take them back to the rehearsal room to give them the final touch.

Now, it’s more a computer-based writing process, since half of the band is living in Manchester, and the other half in Italy, but we’re glad technology is helping us a lot.

What inspires the band lyrically?

Most of the songs are written by me and Luca and we both get inspired by our everyday life.

We think that words are overrated, because each individual can understand different meanings based on the different mental set, but if you try to write good lyrics with the right music, we think the listener can be led on the right path by the mixture of words and frequencies.

You’re currently working on your second full-length album. How has the recording process been up to now?

We started writing songs for the new album back in 2008, even before our first album. After moving to Manchester, we decided we wanted a great producer at the helm, and so we contacted Paul Reeve, who’s worked with the likes of Muse, Razorlight, and Supergrass.

The pre-production process began in 2016, and we initially went to the recording studio in September that year to record four tracks that eventually will be included in the album. We have already released three of them and you can find them on Youtube, Spotify, and all major digital stores and channels.

Our plan is to finish everything within the next four to five months, and hopefully release it before the end of this year.

We’re currently promoting our new singles and playing them live in the Manchester area, but we will definitely get on the tour bus after the album release.

How is the experience, for the band, of playing live?

We’ve played a lot of shows since we formed the band. We’ve been in the US and UK before moving permanently to Manchester, so I’d say we know how to be on stage, but it still feels like the first time: it’s a strange feeling, but we love it.

Regarding our sound live, we’d say we our shows are definitely energetic and powerful. Even though our music is not heavy metal, we do have that kind of live approach. We try to let the audience be completely overwhelmed by our music both physically and mentally.

In the future, we will implement some interesting light effects, though.

What are your plans for the near future?

Our next steps are to finish recording the album, releasing that and the new single, and a lot of gigs!

What is the band’s long-term aim?

Touring the world for two years, and then back to the studio. That is actually all we want! If you can do a worldwide tour, it means you’ve sold a lot of copies, and you’re really enjoying the musician’s life.
















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