CARRIER – ‘Wither’


Carrier EP Cover


‘Wither’, the debut EP from Devon hardcore/metalcore quartet Carrier, is an offering packed full of honest emotion.

The band drag you in kicking and screaming with opener, ‘Flowers & Thorns’, which contains a fast-paced, intense mix of uncompromising riffs, brutal breakdowns, and battering drum beats, and a hoarse vocal delivery, but with some subtle, gentle piano playing, acting as effective juxtaposition.

Third number, ‘Grieve’, sees the quartet at their most frank and emotive, as you hear them express, straight from the heart, what they felt individually when a close friend of theirs passed away, through prolonged screaming and an aggressive stop-start riff, you can really feel the anger and pain that the outfit are conveying.

When I chatted with the Plymouth four-piece a few weeks back, they told me to “expect some surprises“, and there are obvious examples throughout this EP, most notably with fourth track, ‘August’, which sees the band opt for a more soothing, atmospheric sound, coupled with haunting melodies, with the raspy vocals the only presence from the other songs.

Closer ’10:15′ is probably the most anthemic of this offering, with an engaging, impassioned, but slightly slower riff, some indirect synth, and a chanting refrain of “Don’t let go!” that quickly lodges itself in your head.

Overall, ‘Wither’ is a remarkable debut, with much to offer, and it sees Carrier grab, with both hands, an opportunity to really show off their potential.

If the four-piece can keep the momentum going for the foreseeable future, and that’s something I feel confident about, then it will only be a matter of time before they have established themselves as a real force in British metalcore.

TOP TRACK: ‘Grieve’








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