AEVES – ‘Desire’


Aeves EP Cover


Following the release of their debut EP, ‘Ignite’, in the summer of 2016, Kentucky duo Aeves spent almost two years honing and evolving their unique blend of punk/electronic pop, which has resulted in ‘Desire’, the band’s sophomore EP.

Opener ‘Wild Hearts’, the first of three versions of this track, is energetic but easy-going, held together by the dulcet, engaging vocal tones of Molly O’Malley.

This is juxtaposed by the lyrics, which act as a thinly-veiled attack on US President Donald Trump and his controversial policies.

Second number, ‘Loaded Love’, is done along pretty much the same lines, however, the lyrical matter is more optimistic and light-hearted.

‘Haunted’, the EP’s sole stand-alone track, keeps the vibrant melodies present in the first two songs, but they are delivered in an altogether darker and more brooding manner.

The second version of ‘Wild Hearts’ sees it being given the dubstep treatment, with O’Malley’s vocals the only constant present from the original.

The faster pace works effectively well, preventing the number from just becoming a bog-standard rehash.

The last two tracks of this offering see the two-piece go down a more relaxed route, with stripped-back versions of ‘Loaded Love’ and ‘Wild Hearts’, consisting only of the vocals and a gentle tinkling of piano keys, which make O’Malley’s delivery stand out, showing that she has a voice that can transcend a host of genres.

Overall, even though there are really only three songs, each number on ‘Desire’ is its own unique piece, and is testament to the way Aeves go about carefully crafting their music.

It is clear, then, judging by what’s on offer here, that the band have a bright future ahead of them.

TOP TRACK: ‘Wild Hearts’




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