VEINS – ‘Blood On My Hands’


Veins Single Cover


Straight from the off, it is clear that ‘Blood On My Hands’, the new single from alternative rock trio Veins, is an ambitious offering.

The sound is robust and atmospheric, driven by gritty basslines, comprehensive, layered guitar riffs, and drum beats that you can’t help but be drawn in by.

Along with the expansive choruses, this is well supplemented by the collective’s frontman Stevie Rees, who manages to convey the lyrical theme of “love is war” with a vocal delivery that is both upbeat and intimate.

Often when a fledgling outfit such as this one aim big, their lack of experience becomes obvious to all, as everything tends to spiral out of control, going completely over the top.

However, what prevents these guys from going down the same path is the fact that all three of them had played with each other in groups prior to the band’s formation, therefore, over the years, they have developed a mutual understanding, which enables them to effectively push forwards whilst also keeping things at an even keel.

If you’re a fan of The XX and Deftones, then ‘Blood On My Hands’ is definitely worth a listen, as the trio’s overall musical style sits quite comfortably between the two.

With this new track, Veins prove, once and for all, that ‘Ambi’, their debut single, released last year, was no fluke, and that they are a genuinely talented outfit who know exactly what it is that they’re doing.












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