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FORBIDDEN SEASONS (from l-r): Danny Ghale (rhythm guitar), Paolado Clark Sergi (bass), Mark Seasons (vocals), Symon Ray (lead guitar), Federico Spagnoli (drums)

Exactly a month ahead of release, Italian metalcore/post-hardcore quintet Forbidden Seasons are ready to reveal, in detail, of what you can expect from their upcoming debut album, ‘Promise’…


DANNY GHALE (rhythm guitar): ‘Atlantis’ is about feelings that destroy us and bring us down, just like the myth of Atlantis; because of the sins of its people, it was sank in the ocean by the gods.

However, our story differs from this myth, because bad feelings, bad people and so on, after all, give us strength. In fact, after the slow and melodic part in the bridge, which represents giving in to bad feelings, toxic people and relationships, the heavy part begins, like a reaction to this kind of stuff. For many people, it may be a burden, but for us, it’s a sort of fuel that gives us energy.

The song starts with fast sections, we thought it may feel like a storm, like the one that sank Atlantis. The melodic parts represent the “eye of the storm“, followed again by the destruction, which is the human response to these situations of despair.


MARK SEASONS (vocals): I wanted to write ‘Thank You For The Venom’ for a long time. The lyrics address a topic really close to me, so it came out of my mind quite easily; then I gave it to the guys and I told them, “I want you to give this lyrics the song they deserve, with the right mood and anger“, and so they did.

Symon and Danny composed the perfect song, exactly the way I imagined it. It was spontaneous and direct enough, pushing the right buttons. It’s really one of the best songs of the album!


FEDERICO SPAGNOLI (drums): ‘Keys and Locks’ is a very particular song; it merges old and new schools of metalcore. When listening to this song, you can recognise both of these elements; it’s like an evolution from the beginning to the end.

It starts with standard drums and classic screaming, like the old good times, then it turns into melodic, then it explodes with a heavy breakdown, all of this surrounded with atmospheric and mystic samples and keys.

At the end, a melancholic guitar solo makes its way through the wall of strings, guitars and drums, then suddenly choked into the clean and cold outro. Lyrics are like a reminder to wake up and look inside of you to find the keys to your answers.


FEDERICO: ‘Gravity Fall’ is my favorite track of the new album. It’s the most aggressive song we have, but it also has a wonderful melodic chorus. It was the first song we made for this album, almost a year ago, and it defined the overall sound and mood that ‘Promise’ had to have. All the songs of ‘Promise’, everything you’ll hear, was born with ‘Gravity Fall’.

It’s also the most fun to play live, it’s so powerful, and gives a lot of energy; no matter how many hours you’ve been performing before, you’ll always find the strength to play ‘Gravity Fall’ once more!

The song talks about a relationship with a bad influence on the protagonist, which feels alone and trapped into this situation, he can’t move on, but he doesn’t give up.


SYMON RAY (lead guitar): This song is a halfway between metalcore and pop culture. The chorus was written first, very open and epic, and I helped with the lyrics because it’s very personal to me.

I’ve got your demon inside” means a lot of things in different ways, and for this reason the song is developed between F minor and A# major, to describe the anger and the hope.

I wanted to create a pop sound and at the same time, strong and powerful parts, to catch all those people facing metalcore/post-hardcore for the first time.


FEDERICO: ‘The Human’ is the perfect mix of hope and rage. You’ll be struck by its massive and emotional orchestral elements; strings and choirs make it sound like a soundtrack to an epic movie.

When I was writing them, I used to get very emotional; then Symon wrote the guitars, and took the song to the next level. Mark’s chorus came next, and it was just gorgeous. He did a great job recording it; it is in fact one of the highest of the entire album. I hope you’ll appreciate this song and its particularity as much as we do!


SYMON: This song is really heavy and filled with breakdowns; it was born with the intention to bring you down in darkness, but at the same time, the lyrics suggest you to fight against your demons. The arpeggio and the breakdowns bring you in a very frightening ambient.

It has been composed following the old school metalcore lines, but still with a modern mood. There’s a lot of scream and growl, and only in the choruses, you can hear huge melodic vocals that will help you not to sink into darkness and obscurity.


SYMON: This song seems to follow the style of ‘Wormhole’; the phrase “look at the mirror” suggests us to find our identity, by taking a look in and outside ourselves.

I love to play this song; it has aggressive parts, and the silences between the end of the refrains and the beginning of the verses inspire me a lot. My favourite sections are the refrains with the huge choirs, and the clean guitars at the end.

I love writing clean guitar parts, in fact, you will notice that there’s at least one in almost every song on the album.


MARK: ‘The Rejected’ is a song about the loneliness of men in the world. I wanted to address a topic the listeners could be reflected in, and in which they found themselves at least once in their life.

Danny and Fede first composed the song, then I wrote the lyrics according to what was arousing me. The vocals, especially the choruses, are like a sing-song outlining the boring life of the rejected ones, that are resigned to the judgments of others.


DANNY: ‘Promise’ is a thought about all the promises made by people, but never kept, because of many factors such as casual events or, more often, ours or someone else’s own will.

Think about how times you lied to avoid responsibilities, and the reasons why you did this, and all of that is reflected on one particular promise, that a particular entity, in which you may believe or not, made but never kept: the promise of salvation from the original sin, made by God.

That one has never been kept because of the natural evilness of the humans. In fact, in any refrain, you’ll be able to hear the phrase “I can’t walk on the oceans“, and also “listen to my prayers“. This song is due to explain what we think about God and how people still believe in those promises that are nothing but empty nice words.

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