Gutlocker band photo

GUTLOCKER (from l-r): Dean Walker (drums), Pete Tucker (guitar), Craig McBrearty (vocals), Ben Rollinson (bass)


Since forming in 2012, Surrey four-piece Gutlocker have built up a solid fan base in the UK with their gritty, sinister combination of groove and sludge metal.

In addition to this, the band have supported such heavy metal juggernauts as Evil Scarecrow and Raging Speedhorn, and played an acclaimed set at 2016’s Bloodstock festival.

Now, the quartet are looking to aspire to greater heights in 2018, with the release in April of their eagerly-anticipated EP, ‘Cry Havoc!’, which promises to be the collective’s most powerful offering to date, and a schedule packed full of gigs and festival appearances.

Telling me about all this and more was Gutlocker’s frontman Craig McBrearty.

How did the band get together?

Over a “few” drinks and realising our mutual love for particular bands.

How did the name Gutlocker come about?

It came out just like that and seemed very apt at the time.

What would you say was your approach to songwriting?

Pete lays down the sludgy riffs. Dean lays down the groove backbone on drums, Ben lays down the grit on bass, and I lay down whatever I want to say during that time.

What inspires the band lyrically?

Knowing I get to share my true perspective on things. You don’t have to put on a fake smile when writing shit on paper.

You recently released a new single, ‘Welcome To Fucktown’. How has the reaction been to that so far?

It has all been positive. People love it when we play it live, so they are pretty stoked to finally hear it recorded. Whether we like it or not, it appears that if we were to have an anthem, then it probably would end up being that track.

In April, the band will be bringing out a new EP, ‘Cry Havoc!’. How has the recording process been?

A smooth process. Our good friend, Leigh Gordine from Remnant, is the chap who was sat at the mixing desk producing this EP.

We came to him as we have played many gigs with his band and felt he would be the ideal chap to bring justification on the sound that we strive for as a group.

He has certainly done that and we are hoping to work with him again when we start work on our first album.

What can be expected of the EP?

We are currently in discussion on arranging our EP launch show with some incredible bands. We can’t tell you just yet, but we will update you in due time on our Facebook page. Also, expect to see an official video soon!

You’ve supported the likes of Evil Scarecrow and Raging Speedhorn, and in 2016, you played the New Blood stage at the Bloodstock festival. How were they as experiences for you all?

Bizarre. Getting to play alongside iconic bands, especially some of which that you grew up listening to, never really sinks in. The same goes for Bloodstock. The whole journey to getting to play there was hard work, but it ended just as quickly. Again, never leaving enough time for it all to sink in.

What’s planned for after ‘Cry Havoc!’ comes out?

The same thing, different day. Playing as many gigs as possible, continuing to write new material, and in time, making a start on our next recording.

There are a few “TBC” in the pipeline. We already have a line of gigs stringed up and down the country with a few festival spots at Lostock and Rabidfest. More will be announced soon.

What is the band’s long-term aim?

To keep playing until we are physically incapable. We love what we write, the people/bands we have gigged with, and the friends we have made during our time as a band. I guess we stop when it stops being fun.

Gutlocker EP Cover





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