Rage Cave band photo

RAGE CAVE (from top): Kieron Shore (bass), Zak Eyrolles (drums), Max Jeffries (vocals/guitar)


Towards the end of 2016, Stoke-on-Trent outfit Rage Cave emerged with a self-titled debut EP.

The release immediately got positive reviews, with many loving the band’s hard rock sound, containing elements of metal, funk, blues and punk.

Now, in the first month of 2018, vocalist/guitarist Max Jeffries and drummer Zak Eyrolles, along with new bassist Kieron Shore, are preparing to unleash their first album, ‘Ride The Rhino’.

Max went into more detail about how their forthcoming offering was put together, as well as what can be expected from it.

How did the initial idea for your debut album come about?

The idea of the album stemmed from Kieron stepping in on bass after Justin’s departure. Me and Zak thought that we needed to make a statement and show people what the new line-up is about.

We wanted to take a more professional approach with the album as opposed to our previous EP and we recorded it over six days. We just wanted a more mature sound to come across and blow the old EP away, as we don’t think it did us justice.

From where did the title ‘Ride The Rhino’ come about?

The title of the album originated when we played a festival in the Peak District called Rec Rock. It’s a family-orientated festival that was really fun to play – we stayed the full weekend.

On site, there was a massive resin-build rhino statue (the mascot of the festival) and we got Zak to crawl all over it and we took a few photos – one of which Zak decided to ride the thing like a horse. Zak mentioned we should call a song ‘Ride The Rhino’, and it ended up as the album title!

How was the recording process?

The recording process of the album was one of the best experiences as a band we’ve had yet. We had enough time to make something that we were completely happy with, as opposed to something we were indifferent about.

Tom from Riff Factory was a really nice guy and helped in every way possible and has produced what we think is a great record with us!

How would you describe the album, both lyrically and musically?

The album is a compilation of different styles bouncing off each other and blending together. We think it makes the album very unique in that it is influenced by such a wide array of music.

For me personally, Annihilator were a big influence for me going into this record, as I discovered them at Bloodstock Festival last year. I loved them. I couldn’t get enough, and had been listening to them solidly for months by the time we recorded the album. A little bit of them couldn’t help but seep into the album!

Kieron describes the album as “Balls to the fucking wall, from front to back!

How is ‘Ride The Rhino’ different to your self-titled debut EP?

The album is so different to the EP, mainly because of the timescale we recorded it in. We were able to really take our time over every section, and we were able to make our musical vision a reality! Massive credit to Tom here!

We found we were also able to write things on the spot as well that made the tracks even better. For example, the intro to the title track was recorded on the last day in the studio! Very spur-of-the-moment – but well worth it!

Since the EP came out towards the end of 2016, Justin Miller, the band’s original bassist, has left. What were the reasons behind his departure?

Justin had to leave the band due to some personal issues he was having, but there was no bad blood at all!

You now have a new bassist, Kieron Shore. How has he fitted in with you and Zak?

Kieron was a friend before our bass player that me and Zak had known for years! Zak recognised his talent on the bass before me, as I only knew about his guitar playing from our GCSE music class. Zak told me straight away when we learned that Kieron wanted to join.

He’s added a lot of flare to the music, and we have gelled very well together. He takes a lot of care in crafting his basslines and is an outstanding bassist! Some of the bass tracks on this record are insane!

Will the band be playing some live shows to support the release?

We will be appearing on 6 Towns Radio on the 25th January for a live performance and a chat about the album. We’ll also be appearing at The Underground in Hanley in a ‘Metal To The Masses’ heat in hopes of playing this year’s Bloodstock Festival.

Apart from that, there’s not much else we can tell you at the moment about gigs, but plenty more will be added, some we can’t announce yet!

What have you got planned for the rest of 2018?

Our plans for 2018 are to keep writing more and more music and to keep Rage Cave alive and well. We hope to be playing more kick-ass venues, bigger shows and partying harder! We couldn’t be more proud of how our 2017 turned out, but most importantly the record – RIDE THE RHINO!

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