Silent Descent album cover


Interviewing Silent Descent prior to the release of ‘Turn To Grey’, their first original studio album since 2012’s ‘Mind Games’, the band had told me how confident they were that it was their best work to date.

Considering the trials and tribulations they had been under in the intervening five years, it was a bold statement to make, however, after listening to all of the twelve tracks that make up their latest offering, I have to say the Dartford/Gravesend outfit’s confidence was justified.

Right from the off, the album is a spectacular, with the six-piece opting for evolution rather than revolution, better crafting and adding further polish to the fusion of trance and metal that they have become known for over the last decade.

Therefore, the band do a much better job of drawing you in with added anthemic choruses, a sound with smoother transitions between intense aggression and soft melody, and a more successful cohesion of the clean and unclean vocals.

Lyrically, the album makes a frank observation of modern society through Matt Wignol, the alter-ego of frontman Tom Watling.

Choosing this as a theme works well, giving the songs added depth and making them more thought-provoking.

A highlight has to be ‘Vortex’, which sees the outfit collaborate with Bjorn “Speed” Strid of Swedish death metal legends Soilwork. Strid’s vocal delivery is an effective makeweight between the clean and unclean vocals, and also accompanies the track composition well.

Overall, ‘Turn To Grey’ marks a triumphant return for Silent Descent, and it’s an offering that should immediately propel them back to the summit of the trance metal genre. 

TOP TRACK: ‘Vortex’












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