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SHADED (from l-r): Callum Irons (guitar), Matt East (vocals), Barney Shanks (drums), Dan Bradberry (bass)


If you enjoy listening to the likes of State Champs, WSTR and 5 Seconds Of Summer, then you will love SHADED.

The emerging Surrey outfit have a sound that is predominantly pop-punk, however, the four-piece have already shown with their live sets and recent debut single ‘Better With You’ that they are not afraid of embracing elements of other genres.

With inaugural EP ‘The Better Man In Me’ coming out next month, I spoke to the band’s frontman Matt East to get the lowdown on this and other things.

How did you all get together initially?

Callum and I met through a Facebook group for our university. We’ve known each other for just over a year now. We then met Dan and Barney a couple of months back through our old guitarist.

How did SHADED come about as the band’s name?

We had got to the point where we were having EP artwork designed and we were still without a name. We were desperately chucking ideas about last minute until we decided to settle with SHADED.

How would you describe your sound?

From an outsider’s perspective, I’d call us a pop punk band, but we like to think that, with this EP, we’ve explored a bit further than one genre. I think we sit somewhere between pop rock and pop-punk.

What is the band’s approach to songwriting?

Not to try and sound like anyone else. We didn’t want to approach this EP wanting to sound like or emulate any of the bands we listen to. Everything you hear on the EP came totally organically.

Your debut EP, ‘The Better Man In Me’, comes out next month. How has the recording process been?

It was a really enjoyable experience actually. We spent a few weeks in Callum’s bedroom recording and mixing the EP before heading off to Cornwall to master it.

The change of scenery between mixing and mastering really aided the whole process as, when producing a piece of work, there are so many factors that can affect how it sounds – size of rooms, number of walls, surrounding materials.

It’s one thing listening to it back in my car, but hearing our final mixes in a totally different room helped us make final tweaks that we might have missed had we done the mixing and mastering in the same place.

What can be expected from the EP?

The main thing people can expect from this EP is variety. Like I said, we wanted to explore further than just one genre, without straying from the path too much. It’s an out and out pop-punk EP, but we are confident that each song offers something completely different to the others.

The band played in Camden last month, and you have just performed a set at the Burned Out festival in Bournemouth. How is playing live as an experience for you all?

Playing live is easily my favourite part of being in a band. When the adrenaline kicks in and we’re chucking ourselves around, having the best time… nothing beats it.

We seemed to have had pretty good crowd reactions thus far, so hopefully our live set does the EP justice!

What’s planned for after the EP’s release?

We have a few cool things lined up, which we’ll be announcing very soon!

What is the band’s long-term aim?

I think a big long-term aim for us right now is Vans Warped Tour. It’s THE tour to be on when you’re an alternative band, so hopefully a few years down the line we’ll be able to achieve it!

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