Crypitus band photo

CRYPITUS (from l-r): Pete Snee (rhythm guitar), Doug Friend (vocals/guitar), Zach Patch (drums)


From the American state of Vermont, three-piece Crypitus are a band currently enjoying a growing reputation.

For the last couple of years, the outfit have been making a big impact on their local rock scene, wowing crowds by taking in elements of all the sub-genres of metal to create a heavy and cohesive sound.

With a busy summer ahead, which will see them bring out a new release, as well as showcasing their music to a wider audience, the trio went into more detail about all this and more.

How did you all first get together?

DOUG FRIEND (vocals/guitar): The three of us started playing together after me and Pete became roommates and he picked up on a few of the riffs I had jammed on with my old drummer. We soon realized that we needed a drummer to join forces with. We found Zach online and here we are!

ZACH PATCH (drums): I’ve been trying to find a motivated group of fellas to play music with for a long time. After several failed attempts, I started posting online looking for someone to jam with. Pete was the first to respond, with Dougles in tow. The rest is history.

How did Crypitus come about as the band name?

DOUG: The band’s name actually came from my wilderness first aid training. My teacher came up to me all excited and exclaimed “Do you know what would be a sick metal band name?!? Crepitus! It’s the sound of bones breaking.” I was sold immediately.

How would you describe your sound to any new fans?

DOUG: It’s Vermont homegrown thrashy blackened death metal!

ZACH: Psychedelic thrash. Brutality. Clowns.

PETE: Thrashy, groovy metal.

Which other bands/artists influence you musically?

DOUG: My main musical influences come from bands like Death, Megadeth and Gojira, but I have to say old school thrash metal really moulded my musical character.

ZACH: My influences are very progressive. Between The Buried And Me is my all time favourite. I also love Frank Zappa, especially with Terry Bozzio, and I would also have to list the late great Jerry Garcia as a constant inspiration.

PETE: I’m influenced by a lot of different genres. I’ve been listening to metal since I discovered Maiden when I was a kid. Pink Floyd, Mastodon, Zeppelin, all gave me influences on guitar.

What would you say was your approach to songwriting?

DOUG: The band’s approach to songwriting has mostly been catch-up work with an arsenal of songs I wrote before we started. But when Pete and Zach hear the riffs, the production of the finished product is organic.

ZACH: Dougles had a lot of songs finished already when I joined. Since then, we just start jamming on something new and before I know it, we have another finished song.

PETE: Most of our current songs Doug wrote when he was younger and we’ve put our own spin on it. When we’re writing a new song, Doug usually comes up with a riff and the rest of us build on it with jinx.

What are the inspirations behind the band’s lyrics?

DOUG: I pull a lot of my lyrical inspiration from worldly turmoil. Death, mental confusion, natural destruction etc. It’s my warning to the world, I could say.

You have an EP/album coming out soon. How has the recording process of that been?

DOUG: So far we have only heard the unmastered version and it already sounds so good! I never considered having a piece of studio material, so I didn’t really know what to expect, but Doug Norford, who recorded us, was a big help in keeping us in line! I cannot wait for everyone to hear it, so keep your eyes peeled for ‘Exhibit 1: Prelude to the Dead World’!

ZACH: It was way smoother than I expected. We had our material finished and well rehearsed before we started recording too. I was astonished how many we were able to get down in one take. We can’t freakin’ wait to unleash this on the world! Doug and Zach Norford have done an awesome job on our music. A big thanks to you guys!

PETE: The demo we have coming out is three songs we’ve been playing since the start. One of Doug’s friend’s dad recorded us over the course of a couple of months between his house and our practice space at Zach’s house.

How is it for the band playing live?

DOUG: Playing music live is one of the greatest things I’ve experienced. New places to travel, new people to meet and new stages to rock! It’s a fucking thrill ride!

ZACH: Playing live has been nothing short of incredible. It seems like every show we play, there’s one or several bands that completely blow me away, and these bands become part of our influence too. We try to soak up every bit of inspiration available. There’s no rush like being able to hear folks screaming your band’s name so loud I can hear it over the music.

PETE: Playing live is always a blast. Sometimes we’ve played for an audience of the other bands playing that night but when we get an audience who never stops cheering while we’re playing, that’s the best feeling ever.

Aside from your forthcoming release, what do you have lined up in the near future?

DOUG: Well right now, we have a concreted summer booked full. We are playing in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts and Connecticut. It August, we have an established mini-tour with our metal brothers from MA, An Unction in Braille; we have five dates together thoughout the month. Also joining us on the last two days are Stillborn Condition from Maine, so we are pretty damn excited about that.

ZACH: We have a lot of shows lined up. Also a small tour all over New England. We’re playing with Psychostick at the end of the month, in Manchester, NH. I never thought we’d play a show like that.

What is the band’s long-term aim?

DOUG: Long-term aim? I mean in my eyes, it’s every artists goal, we want to influence as many people with our music as possible!

ZACH: First we conquer America on tour, then we take over the world! We’re not going to stop until the whole world knows Crypitus! We’ll have 25 full length albums when we retire in 50 years.

PETE: Long-term, I’d love this band to last my whole life. I want to be 50 years old and still be in Crypitus.

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