SEASONAL – ‘Bloom’ (3/5)


Seasonal Cover


‘Bloom’ is the debut EP from Surrey pop-rock quartet Seasonal.

Prior to this new release, the emerging outfit had given everyone a taster of what to expect with the unveiling of opening track ‘Certainty’, which impressed many with its heartfelt sound and frank lyrics dealing with past experiences, and it is these, as well as the raw and emotional vocal delivery of frontman Matt Truseler, that form the key elements providing the foundations on which the band build upon throughout the five tracks.

However, they make sure that no song sounds exactly the same, as each track does have something different about it, whether it’s the fun, upbeat ‘Headphones’, heavy, technical ‘These Games’, energetic ‘Ranger’, or gentle, melodic closer ‘Homeward’.

The versatile mix of music shows that, even at such an early stage of their existence, the four-piece have little interest in putting together a basic, generic offering and instead have decided to use it as an opportunity to show off just how diverse they can be in the ways that the instruments they play are utilised.

In conclusion, ‘Bloom’ isn’t the greatest debut ever, but crucially for Seasonal’s future as a band, it is a solid collection of tracks which I’m sure will be improved on with their next release.

TOP TRACK: ‘Certainty’















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