CATCH FIRE – ‘A Love That I Still Miss’ (4/5)

(Rude Records)

Catch Fire Cover


‘A Love That I Still Miss’ is the sophomore EP from Nottingham five-piece Catch Fire.

Rather than bask in the success of their well-received debut ‘The Distance I Am From You’, released last year, the band instead went straight to work on this eight track offering, and now, the fruits of their labour are here for all to listen.

Second time around, the quintet have elected to retain the basic elements of their first EP, which consisted of a sound that was a fusion of pop-punk and emo, coupled with lyrics that were frank and relatable to the listener.

However, it is evident from listening to this new release that they have used it as an opportunity to evolve somewhat.

The compositions are more mature, and are probably a reflection of the band moving on from their teenage years and going into full adulthood. A good example of this is with the two contrasting instrumentals that bookend the EP.

Prologue ‘Poise’ is fast-paced, laden with heavy guitar riffs, and prepares you for the tracks ahead, whereas epilogue ‘Sinking’ goes at a more gentler pace, with a melodic strumming of an acoustic guitar, which gives you a chance to reflect on the songs before.

It is things like this that confirm Catch Fire are far from a generic pop-punk outfit.

The lyrics also show more maturity, delving deeper into a theme of emotional negativity, with frontman Miles Kent opening himself up more to the listener, singing frankly about his past negative experiences and how he found a way to overcome them, which is relatable to anyone who has or is going through the same things.

His lyrical talents shine through the most on the penultimate track ‘Thin Ice’, where he muses about how he thinks he will never be good enough for someone, despite their assurance that he is. He sings it in such a way that you can’t help but feel sympathy for him.

In conclusion, ‘A Love That I Still Miss’ has clearly been a labour of love for Catch Fire, with each track being given much care and attention, and it shows that they can effectively put together an offering that holds together the main elements of their debut and enhances it at the same time

TOP TRACK: ‘Thin Ice’









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