HIGH TIDES – ‘I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over’ (4/5)

(Scylla Records)

High Tides Cover


Having burst onto the scene last year with their impressive debut release ‘Home Truths’, Nottingham quintet High Tides have unleashed a follow-up, ‘I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over’.

Consisting of eight tracks, this mini-album sees the band use the usual basic elements of pop-punk as a base on which to build a mature and well-crafted sound.

The songs are fast-paced, containing catchy choruses and pulsating but harmonic guitar riffs, however, at times, it can differ somewhat.

For example, the track ‘Realisation’, which serves as a little interlude at the halfway point of this offering, shows the five-piece going down a more emo route, with the gentler melody showing exactly how they can set themselves apart from the average pop-punk outfit.

The lyrics are hard-hitting, dealing with themes of heartbreak, failed relationships and big decisions, as well as making mistakes and eventually learning from them, sung with raw emotion by frontman Christian Litchfield.

This is a mini-album crammed full of strong songs, with ‘Bridges’ arguably being the one that has the most strength and depth, dealing frankly with a point in time where somebody has to make a decision that will affect their life for the better or for the worse, this serves as a great example of how mature the band can be both lyrically and musically.

In conclusion, ‘I’m Not Giving Up, I’m Just Starting Over’ is a release that represents High Tides making a real step up, and shows that pop-punk outfits can do music that can have much attention to detail paid to it.

TOP TRACK: ‘Bridges’





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