ANONYMOUS – ‘What You Deserve’ (4/5)




I first came across Anonymous, a hard rock outfit from Staffordshire, in the summer of 2014, when I saw them perform a set at a pub in their home town of Uttoxeter.

Seeing them play convinced me at the time that the band were not just four teenage boys messing around and having a laugh, that in fact they were actually taking everything seriously, which was best reflected in their well-crafted, mature sound.

Almost three years, a positively-received self-titled debut and lots of universally acclaimed live shows later, they have unleashed on the public their second EP ‘What You Deserve’.

The basic elements of their music remain unchanged, with a sound still firmly rooted in classic rock, containing heavy vocals, soaring guitar riffs and anthemic chrouses.

What is different with this though is that they have used these and enhanced them, which is a good reflection of how they have evolved as people and as a band in the time from the release of their debut to now.

Frontman Rob Baynes’s vocal delivery is evidently stronger, perfectly getting the right balance of substantial and melodic, with the riffs of both guitarist Hayden Kirk and bassist Luke Lawley, as well as the drumming of Steven ‘Herbie’ Herbert, showing more confidence, energy and better displaying their immense talents.

When I recently chatted with them, the band said they were given greater creative control in recording the EP, this could have backfired terribly, especially for an outfit yet to release a full-length album, but with the maturity, intelligence and talent each member possesses, there was no danger of that happening.

With more freedom this time around, it is clear from listening to every one of the four tracks that they have grasped this opportunity with both hands and have made something that lets them and their music truly shine.

In conclusion, ‘What You Deserve’ is a solid second offering from Anonymous, and is also further confirmation for me that they are a band that won’t fade away any time soon, and are destined for even bigger things in the near future.

TOP TRACK: ‘What You Deserve’









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