ALTER EDEN – ‘Tigers & Lambs’ (4/5)




‘Tigers & Lambs’ is the second EP from Stoke-on-Trent alternative rock/metal outfit Alter Eden.

Since bursting on to the scene with their well-received 2015 debut ‘Fearless’, the quartet’s follow-up has been much anticipated.

Well now, the wait is over and on listening to this, they have certainly not disappointed.

An indication of how much the band has developed in the last two years is with the sound, which is bigger and better.

Switching with ease between the sub-genres of metal, it is mainly a fast-paced and heavy affair, containing thundering riffs, pounding drum beats and anthemic choruses.

The lyrics are well written, touching on a number of subjects ranging from personal issues on the title track and ‘Colourless’, to a commentary on the state of the current world, which is the theme of closer ‘We’ve Had Enough’.

Strong support for both of these are provided through the eclectic vocal delivery of frontman Nick Pilgrim, which can smoothly go from tender and emotional to intense and aggressive within a click of a finger.

With this EP, it seems that the Potteries outfit have set out to appeal to both a solitary person listening quietly through their headphones and a rock venue crammed full of moshers.

The band already enjoy a good live reputation, and each of the six tracks that make up ‘Tigers and Lambs’, when played at a gig, will ensure this will continue.

In conclusion, Alter Eden’s second offering is solid and well put together, a good showcase for their talents and builds on the strong foundations they laid with ‘Fearless’.


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