GREYHAVEN (from l-r): Edd Kerton (bass/vocals), Connor Tate (drums), Sam Paterson (vocals), Jim White (guitar), Alex Hills (guitar)

Greyhaven are an alternative rock five-piece from London.

Since forming in 2014, the outfit have released two positively received EPs, played live with the likes of Architects, and have built up a dedicated fan base with a diversely influenced sound that they describe as “a mixture of post-hardcore, pop and anthemic, heavy rock.

With a third EP planned for release in the future, and about to unleash an explosive new music video for one of their recent singles, I chatted with guitarist Alex Hills about what makes them tick.


How did the band get together initially?

Initially, the band was just me writing some songs in my room, but I eventually decided to start putting together an actual band. Sam was the vocalist in my old band and Jim was a friend I’d met online quite a few years before. Shortly after that, we found Edd and Connor and the line-up was complete.

How did the name Greyhaven come about?

It’s a reference to The Lord Of The Rings actually! The Grey Havens is the name of the port that the Elves use to leave Middle Earth.


What are the band’s musical influences?

We draw influences from all over the place. Older rock bands like Queen, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi definitely were the bands that initially shaped my music taste, though the more obvious influences would be modern bands like Trivium, Alexisonfire, Neck Deep, Mastodon, Emperor, Rise To Remain, Don Broco, Young Guns, The 1975. We definitely have diverse tastes.

What is your approach towards songwriting?

We tend to write all of the instrumentals first and then write the vocal parts afterwards. I’ve always been an advocate of writing what you want to write, rather than worrying about what other people might want you to write.

The band’s second EP ‘State of Mind’ came out last autumn. How has the reaction been since its release?

The reaction has definitely been positive. The first single ‘On & On’ found its way onto various prestigious radio stations, as well as airing on Scuzz TV. The tours we did in support of the release have also been pretty crazy, it’s been very humbling for us to see the support that we can receive all over the country.

How is it playing live and touring?

As I mentioned earlier, it has been pretty crazy. We’ve started to gain more of a dedicated fan base now and they never cease to surprise us when we play live. We’re all looking forward to seeing the fan base grow with us over the coming years.

What’s planned for the near future?

We’re releasing the video for ‘Brother’ later this month, and we’re going to be announcing a few dates in support of that. After that, we’re going to be starting to prepare our next EP for release, while maybe releasing a few acoustic videos and even a cover in the time between now and then.

What is the band’s long-term aim?

We just want to have fun really. Hopefully, we can make this into a career and hopefully, we can have the positive effect on some of our fans that a lot of our favourite bands have had on us as well.









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