Black Star Bullet are a rock four-piece from Coventry, consisting of vocalist/guitarist Trev Goddard, guitarist Andy Tite, bassist Martin Hughes and drummer Gav Hunt.

The band have all been together for over a decade, and in that time, have impressed many with their no-frills heavy rock sound and entertaining live sets.

With a new album out this March, I had a chat with them about all things Black Star Bullet.

How did the band get together initially?

The band initially got together after the break up of various other bands and us all having some mutual friends that ended up throwing us all together in the same place at the same time, but we’d all been playing previously for ages.

How did the name Black Star Bullet come about?

The name Black Star Bullet was a simple decision – we were called something else before and we wanted to change it and from all the suggestions on scraps of paper from everyone, that was the one name that we all decided we liked.

How would you describe your sound?

Our sound? Well, we’re a guitar rock band, plain and simple. We write songs that we like and hopefully others do too. There doesn’t seem to be many straight up rock bands around these days.

What are your musical influences?

Our influences are as diverse as anything. We all like to listen to different music – individually each of us might like thrash, metal, rock, blues, grunge, whatever but that doesn’t necessarily mean we want to play any of those all the time.

When we write songs, it’s a collection of everything, we don’t limit ourselves. If we want to write a disco track we will, if we want to write a piano ballad we will, if we want to challenge Napalm Death then we will !!! But we’re all fans of the guitar bands like Guns N’ Roses, Foo Fighters, AC/DC, The Rolling Stones.

What is your approach to songwriting?

Usually, someone has an idea of a riff or a chorus or something and says “What do you reckon to this?” and we all pitch in ideas and work it up into a song. Simple every time …. NOT !!

How is it for the band playing live and touring?

Well obviously, it’s tough doing band stuff when we’ve all got jobs and families etc cos it’s not like we’re as big as AC/DC !! But it’s so much fun, it’s worth the effort. There’s no better feeling than playing live to a crowd who are into what you’re doing. It’s not exactly work after all !

What have you got lined up in the near future?

Things lined up ….. Well, we have our new album coming out in March which we’re really excited about cos it seems to have taken forever to record !! We’re so happy with it and there might be a surprise or two on there.

And gigs, plenty of gigs but we always need more. And it’ll pretty soon be festival season too – so people need to look out for us on the road and if anyone reading this has got slots that need filling, then please do get in touch.

The band have been together for over a decade with its current line-up. Is there anything you haven’t achieved yet that you would like to?

More to achieve ?? Hell yeah ! Those gigs can always get bigger and better. And to be able to play with friends that we’ve made over the years.

Obviously, we love the creativity so there’s more and more music we want to play and record and release etc etc too.

Finally, any words of advice for up-and-coming rock bands out there?

Advice ….. Well, do it because you have a passion for it and be honest and genuine. Write and play what you want to write and play rather than try to chase a trend or be the next big thing. If that happens, then great but hopefully for something that you believe in.

And be nice to the sound guys – then they will return the favour to you.

And lastly, don’t be dicks ! Remember that there’s always a bigger fish – you want to try and be friends with them.














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