AS THE SUN SLEEPS – ‘As Good As Gold’ (3/5)




It has not been a particularly good twelve months for a lot of people out there, but it’s been a period that Swindon pop-punk outfit As The Sun Sleeps will look back on with much fondness.

Since bursting on to the scene last January with their debut release ‘Never Stars’, the emerging four-piece have gone from strength to strength, building a strong fanbase, enjoying a successful tour and being tipped for big things in the future by the music press.

Therefore, in the run-up to the release of their follow-up ‘As Good As Gold’, there has been high expectation.

With this, the band have elected to stick with a sound consisting mainly of high octane, melodic fare, with catchy choruses, sing-along lyrics and upbeat guitar riffs.

It can be rather generic at times, but it gives the EP an overwhelmingly positive vibe.

However, in some parts, the Wiltshire quartet gives the listener a chance to hear how versatile they can be.

The best example is with the track ‘What Matters Most’, which contains a heavier sound and edges more towards rock than pop-punk.

Also, they don’t seem afraid to poke fun at themselves now and again, with the lyrics of ‘Florida’ reflecting the obsession that British pop-pun seems to have with anything American.

Overall, it is a very well put together EP, and if you are a pop-punk devotee, then this will be just up your street.

If As The Sun Sleeps can step things up a little more for their next offering, which I have confidence in them doing, then a bright future awaits for them.

TOP TRACK: ‘What Matters Most’


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