TAKE TODAY – ‘Choices’ (4/5)




‘Choices’ is the debut album from Glaswegian alternative rock four-piece Take Today.

The band have described their sound as a combination of Nirvana, Foo Fighters and fellow Scotsmen Biffy Clyro, and on listening to this, that is perhaps an accurate description, with elements of the work of these three outfits forming the foundations on which they have built this offering on.

The music switches easily with each track, from grungy fare such as the title track and ‘You Were The One’, containing a heavy, loud but catchy sound, to more melodic songs such as ‘The Mend’ and ‘Believe The Difference’, where the quartet try their hand at doing ballads.

This rather eclectic sound works well though, all connected together throughout with two key parts: lengthy guitar solos that alternate between a slow and a fast pace, depending on the track, and a strong vocal delivery from a frontman seemingly channelling his inner Kurt Cobain.

It is a well put together debut, a good listen and the band, even at this early stage of their career, do seem confident of the direction they want to take themselves in musically.

If they can keep up this momentum for the notoriously difficult second album and beyond, then personally, I think that Take Today, in time, will become a force to be reckoned with.

TOP TRACK: ‘Believe The Difference’
















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