BEYOND RECALL – ‘Selfish Scars’ (3/5)




‘Selfish Scars’ is the second EP from Bristol alternative rock outfit Beyond Recall.

There has been much anticipation from the band’s growing legion of followers these last couple of months, eager to see if they could top their successful 2015 debut release ‘The Mixtape’.

Well, the good news for them is that they have.

The trio still sound like they’re having fun, but at the same time, there seems to be a more mature underlay.

The lyrics and sound both have added strength and depth, reflecting their growth in the last two years.

The first five tracks of the EP are delivered breakneck speed, with fast-paced, heavy but catchy guitar riffs and drum beats.

It’s a good listen, but does get repetitive by the fifth song.

However, their last two tracks, ‘Tomorrow’ and ‘Almost (Alternative)’, show that the band certainly aren’t afraid of breaking out of their comfort zone and becoming a little more adventurous with their music.

Both songs are real mixes of genres, with elements of metal, punk, pop and funk thrown in.

This could have been disastrous, but the tracks act as an effective showcase for the three-piece’s talents.

The finale, and perhaps strongest track, ‘Almost (Alternative)’ is a more mature version of ‘Almost’, also on this EP.

The sound is still very much rock, but is gentler and has the inclusion of elements of funk, it is rather Don Broco-esque.

I personally think that if Beyond Recall do this more often in future, they will surely mature into a band with wider appeal.

TOP TRACK: ‘Almost (Alternative)’




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