SCORCHING WINTER – ‘Victim’ (4/5)



‘Victim’ is the debut full-length album from Australian hard rock outfit Scorching Winter.

There has been much anticipation from critics and fans alike, eager to see if the Melbourne five-piece could build on the success of last year’s EP ‘Peripheral’.

Well, in my opinion, it seems that they have.

Everything, the sound, the vocals, the lyrics, the production values, has been taken up a notch.

The sound is rooted in metal, but also at times borrows from other genres, reflecting the band’s eclectic musical influences.

The majority of the tracks contain thundering guitar riffs and anthemic choruses at its core, but there’s occasional forays into more melodic fare.

An example of this is the song ‘Chapter VII: Devil In The Mirror’, where the electric guitars are ditched in favour of a more acoustic sound, which the band pull off well, mainly due to the abundance of talent within its ranks.

Scorching Winter have been likened to acts such as Evanescence, and it is easy to see why, especially in terms of the vocals.

The melodic vocal delivery of Tina Papadimitriou is a consistent presence throughout the album, fitting in well both with the heavier and more gentler output.

Another thing that is constant all through this offering are the lyrics.

Being a concept album, every track acts a chapter within a continuing storyline, which is good, in that rather than listening to just the two or three songs that the band will probably release as singles, the listener has to invest in a character and their journey from start to finish, in order to fully appreciate it.

Just by listening to one of the tracks, it’s clear that a lot of attention to detail has been paid to make ‘Victim’ the strongest it can be, and that the band have put a lot of hard work and effort into perfecting each and every aspect.

‘Peripheral’ was good, but this is a big improvement, and on this basis, it will be interesting to see where Scorching Winter go from here.

TOP TRACK: ‘Chapter III: From The Ashes’





















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