WSTR – The Underground, Hanley, 29/10/2016

SUPPORT: Milestones, Clay Lake, Waiting For Hollywood



Liverpool pop punks WSTR were in Hanley as part of a nationwide tour promoting their debut full-length offering ‘Red, Green or Inbetween’, which will be out early next year.

Strong performances from local bands Clay Lake and Waiting For Hollywood and Mancunian five-piece Milestones were the perfect warm-up for the expectant crowd.

The stage was then cast into darkness, with the headliners coming on to Nineties dance classic ‘9pm (Till I Come)’ by ATB.

They then went straight into a set which was a mix of previous hits and songs off the forthcoming album, and was abundant in loudness and energy.

WSTR seemed to take full advantage of the intimate setting, making sure there was crowd involvement throughout.

Another positive of them playing a small venue was that every pluck of a guitar string and beat of the drums could be heard in great detail.

With this gig, they showed exactly why they are seen as one of the bands at the forefront of the new wave of mainly British-based pop punk, and if WSTR can capture the essence of what I saw, then the album should be a big success for them.







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