The Honey Box is a new Internet music show that aims to showcase the diverse riches of musical talent in Staffordshire and Cheshire.

Ahead of the first live edition on the 6th November, I spoke to Leah Hamer, one of the presenters, to find out more about this exciting new project.

What is The Honey Box?

The Honey Box is a brand new live music experience.

It’s a live streamed Internet music show that will feature interviews and performances from three local acts in one hour.

It will be filmed at King Street Studios in Newcastle-under-Lyme, and will be broadcast live and then later edited and put on the website so you can watch it again if you missed it.

There will be a live audience on the day as well who will watch from behind the cameras. Bottlecraft will also be there to keep us all refreshed!

How did it come about?

The idea was cooked up by producers Lee Barber and Peter Herbert, who met after Lee created the Music Awards of Staffordshire and Cheshire in February.

Lee came to me with the concept and asked if I’d like to co-present it with Benedict McManus, and I couldn’t refuse!

I thought it was a brilliant idea and so different to anything else we have in this scene.

So over the last few months, we’ve all been working to make it a reality.

The Honey Box, the name sounds interesting. Where did it come from?

The name was inspired by the Rebel Bear Precinct, we tried to think of something that could relate to Rebel Bear- and as bears like honey, it kind of came from that!

What is the main aim?

The aim is to promote the talent local musicians, showcasing their original material and reflecting what a wonderful batch of artists we have in the area.

It’s a different and fun way of showing that to the public.

What genres of music shall we expect?

All genres! Everything from rap to rock to grime to indie to folk, whatever!

There are so many artists in Staffordshire of so many varieties and that deserves to be celebrated.

Who will be on the first show then?

On the first show will be The Kings Pistol, Mumbo Jimbo and Macious.

What are your hopes for The Honey Box?

I hope that it will be something that people look forward to, and something that will get everyone interested in our local music scene.



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