SERTRALINE – The Sugarmill, Hanley, 05/08/2016



Sertraline Gig Photo 1

Sertraline came to Hanley for the finale of their nationwide tour promoting their new single ‘Change of Heart’.

For the majority of the members of the metal/rock five-piece, it was a chance to finish on a high in front of a home crowd.

They were helped by strong support, both Rage Cave and YOUYESYOU doing a great job at warming things up.

At some gigs I’ve been to, the first band have struggled to make an impact.

However, Rage Cave were far from this, immediately grabbing everybody’s attention by playing a confident set filled with some well put together tracks.

Watching them, I thought it was remarkable that they had only played their first gig towards the end of June.

YOUYESYOU, led by Stone the Alchemist frontman Chris Munday, were also good, playing with much energy and strength.

Chris showed yet again why he is good at what he does, making sure the audience were engaged and entertained, while at the same time putting as much effort as he could into creating a strong set.

This must have taken some pressure off Sertraline, as from the word go, they seemed to relish every moment they were on stage.

Sertraline Gig Photo 2

Everybody in the band seemed to be in their absolute element, playing a lively, fast and intense set, perfectly complimented by the sublime singing of vocalist Lizzie.

Sertraline Gig Photo 4

All this resulted in a positive atmosphere, with the crowd thoroughly enjoying themselves, some singing along to the tracks, others deciding to form a moshpit which grew as the night wore on.

Sertraline Gig Photo 3

Overall, it was a brilliant evening of hard rock where everybody was on top form.












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