ARCHITECTS – ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ (4/5)


Architects Cover


Up until now, Brighton metalcore outfit Architects have used each album as an experimentation on their sound.

This has produced some good results, such as 2009’s ‘Hollow Crown’, now becoming seen as a modern classic, and not so good, for example, 2011’s ‘The Here and Now’, which saw them go more towards ballads, received a lukewarm response and has since been disowned by the band.

With ‘All Gods Have Abandoned Us’, their seventh studio album, they have mainly stuck to the formula that won them plaudits for their last offering, 2014’s ‘Lost Forever//Lost Together’, even electing to stick with the same production team.

Architects now seem to have found their niche: a heavy sound deeply rooted in metal, with politically-charged lyrics.

The lyrics are centred around themes of religion, politics and human morality, with vocalist Sam Carter musing over his loss of faith in humanity and organised religion, as well as giving his views on topical subjects.

This all comes together in the excellent ‘A Match Made In Heaven’, where Carter verbally attacks the American and British governments for invading countries in the Middle East and leaving them in chaos, resulting in the rise of Islamic State.

The subject matter is a perfect compliment to the sound, which is the group’s heaviest and darkest to date.

From the beginning of opener ‘Nihilist’ to the end of lengthy final track ‘Memento Mori’, ‘All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us’ takes you on a headbanging journey which also makes you ponder the state of the world.

With this, Architects have proven that they have fully recovered from the crisis of identity they suffered after the huge success of ‘Hollow Crown’, and it will be interesting to see where they go next.

TOP TRACK: ‘A Match Made In Heaven’





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