HEADRUSH – The Sugarmill, Hanley, 23/07/2016



Headrush gig photo 4

Most cities have a band that are seen as local legends.

In Stoke-on-Trent, this would apply to rock group Headrush.

The Potteries music scene went into mourning when the band announced they were splitting up in 2013, due to vocalist Andy Law’s move to Australia.

Now, three years later, they are back, although for just one night, revisiting the Sugarmill, where they had bowed out on a high with a triumphant set.

Emerging outfits Jesse’s Divide and Infinity provided solid support for the highly expectant crowd, which let out a huge roar that engulfed the room when it was time for Headrush to come on stage.

Headrush Gig Photo 1

After a substantial time away, they would be forgiven if their set hadn’t been up to scratch, but any fears of that happening went the moment the first guitar string was plucked.

Headrush gig photo 3

It was as if they had never been away, playing a cracking set full of their classic tracks, with each member of the band getting back into their stride with ease.

Headrush gig photo 5

Headrush Gig Photo 2

17-year-old Sam Ogden, who would have been a toddler when Headrush first burst onto the scene, did a great job on the drums and it must have been quite an experience for him.

If they were to never play together again (hopefully, this won’t be the case), it would be of some comfort that the group had performed another legendary set to add to the ones that they had played first time round.

Headrush gig photo 6




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