SILVERCHILD – The Underground, Hanley, 25/06/2016


PHOTOS by RICHARD ROSS of Thunderbolt Photography

Silverchild Gig Photo 1

A mesmerising set was played by Stoke-on-Trent band Silverchild on their homecoming at local venue The Underground.

Back in the Potteries to launch their forthcoming debut EP, the group played music that harked back to a sound reminiscent of Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

Silverchild Gig Photo 2

It was simple but effective, as within the first minute of going on stage, they pretty much had the audience in the palm of their hand.

Alex Hiley’s vocals were a perfect companion to the guitar riffs and drum beats, she definitely has what is called a proper rock voice.

Silverchild Gig Photo 3

The support, all local groups, were just as good, making for a great gig overall.

Circus Junkie Rebels looked and played like a band who have a bright future ahead of them, Lovesick for Mina had a strong set, considering their vocalist Letitia Turner was six months pregnant, and brand new group Rage Cave made a brilliant debut, merely shrugging off what could have been an catastrophic moment for them when one of  vocalist/guitarist Max Jefferies’s guitar strings snapped.

Silverchild Gig Photo 4

In an era of autotune, manufactured music and epic production values, it was refreshing to see a talented outfit such as Silverchild play back-to-basics heavy rock and to great effect too.







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