ISSUES – ‘Headspace’ (3/5)


Issues Album Cover



Atlanta rock band Issues burst onto the scene two years ago with their self-titled debut, impressing many with their smooth handling of an eclectic mix of musical styles.

‘Headspace’, their second studio album, is an improvement in some ways.

There has been a noticeable development with the sound, especially the guitar work and lyrics, which now have added depth.

For example, the best tracks of the album are lyrics-led, dealing frankly with some sensitive themes.

‘Lost-n-Found’ deals with negative treatment of LGBT youths, while ‘Blue Wall’ is based on the subject of police brutality.

However, Issues seem to have taken a backwards step in places, with a few of the songs falling short of the mark.

Unclean vocalist Michael Bohn’s attempts to sing more harmoniously fall rather flat, and some of the experimentations with their sound just doesn’t seem to work.

That said, you do have to give credit to them for at least trying something different with the second album, when they could have just easily released a carbon copy of their debut.

All in all, ‘Headspace’ is a mixed effort, red-hot in some areas, lukewarm in others.

TOP TRACK: ‘Blue Wall’


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