Bonsai band photo

BONSAI (from l-r): Freddie Godley (drums), Chris Hough (vocals/guitar), Ben Hough (bass), Joe Hough (lead guitar)


Indie/alternative rock band Bonsai are, according to their Facebook page, ‘four Stoke lads with a massive dream’.

They are going some way towards achieving this, with praise coming from critics and fans for their guitar-driven sound.

I spoke to vocalist/guitarist Chris Hough about what makes them tick.

How did Bonsai get together?

Well, me, Ben and Joe used to be in a previous band and then we dragged
Freddo in and the ball just got rolling from there.

How did the band decide on the name Bonsai?

We were on Talk to Frank because they have a sick weed pinball game.
We went through the list of drugs and Bonsai was one, so we decided on
that one (laughs).

How would you best describe your music style?

Like indie/alternative I guess, but you’d have to listen to us to get it.

With the UK deciding to leave the European Union in the recent
referendum, do you think that will affect the music industry in any way?

Nah, music’s good and always will be.
I think there will be a lot more politically inspired songs written
though, but it’s all a load of bull really.

What’s the inspiration behind the band’s music?

We want to make people feel something, to feel as though I wrote the songs for them.
I want them to grab their best mate or their missus and just go “This is
for us”.

On the subject of songwriting, are you the sole writer or is it more of a group effort?

I personally write the lyrics because that’s all I’m good at! (laughs)
The other lads are the magicians in the band, they are what make us sound
how we do.
I just write gay lyrics about girls being dicks to me (laughs).

How has the reaction been to the band since you formed?

Not as good as I’d have hoped, but it’s been alright so far.
We’re slowly getting better and better, but things take time, don’t they?

Coming from Stoke-on-Trent, what’s your view of the Potteries music scene?

I think the scene at the moment is one of the best in the country, although people need to find the new music themselves, it’s still cool man.

Do you have anything lined up in the near future?

You’ll just have to wait and see!





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