HATEBREED – ‘The Concrete Confessional'(4/5)

(Nuclear Blast)

Hatebreed Album Cover


‘The Concrete Confessional’ is the seventh studio album from Connecticut metalcore outfit Hatebreed.

Since their formation just over two decades ago, the band have mainly stuck to a tried-and-tested formula.

Their new offering is no exception.

The music is still as intense and pulsating as ever, with anthemic choruses and riffs tailor-made for the moshpit.

Also still featuring are the deafening screams of frontman Jamey Jasta and lyrics that act as both an attack on the establishment and a rallying cry for ordinary people to stand up against the wealthy and powerful.

With the majority of other bands, doing more or less the same thing album after album would have become rather tiresome by now, however Hatebreed pull it off by making ‘The Concrete Confessional’ an entertaining listen.

If their next seven albums are the same as their first seven, if they do manage to keep up the same high quality, then long may it continue.

TOP TRACK: ‘Looking Down the Barrel of Today’


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